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Style Evolves

Don’t panic.

I know that many of you are frightened and confused by change, or by The New.  But, the old software I wrote back in 2004 to run QandO has run its course.


Like this motorcyclist's stoppie, the old QandO software is about to come to a sudden end. Hopefully with less road rash.

I wouldn’t rate it a FAIL, like the poor lad’s stoppie FAIL picture here, but, while it may have been OK at the time, the world has moved along, and frankly, I’ve never had time to really keep the software up to date.  Oh, I had plans, but I never had the time to carry them out.

So, in honor of the Obama Era of Change, we’re implementing Change at QandO.  We’re switching over to WordPress as the platform for the Blog.

Now, I’m not sure it will look like this for long.  I basically stole the template I built for my motorcycle blog and transferred it over.  I’m fiddling around with Artisteer for a new template for QandO, but this should at least get us started.

Unlike me, WordPress has hundreds of people all over the world tweaking it, building plugins for it and whatnot, so it has some advanced features.

You won’t notice much of a difference, except that the incidence of comment spam will pretty much disappear.  You will need to have your first comment approved, after which you can comment all you want, but this is another anti-spam measure, to keep the riff-raff out.

You can also subscribe to the blog by creating a subscriber account on the comment pages, and get updated whenever the blog is updated.

I think the move to WordPress will have a lot of advantages for everyone, and I hope you enjoy the new features, such as a WYSIWYG comment editor, with spell checking.

Soon, you’ll forget about the old site.  Which, by the way, is still going to be here, so the old content will not disappear.  You can access the previous version via the link on the sidebar.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the new QandO.

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