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The Great QandO Super Bowl Poll

OK all you NFL experts out there, tell me how it is going to go today in this oh, so irrelevant of many, many irrelevant Super Bowl polls today:

Who Will Win The Super Bowl And By How Much?
Cardinals by 3
Cardinals by 7
Cardinals by 10
Cardinals by 14
Cardinals by greater than 14
Steelers by 3
Steelers by 7
Steelers by 10
Steelers by 14
Steelers by greater than 14 free polls

For extra credit, put the final score in the comments.

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3 Responses to The Great QandO Super Bowl Poll

  • I don’t care how MUCH they win by, I just want the Cardinals to win…

    Because Jesus God I hate the Steelers…

  • Having no vested interest in either team, I merely desire a good game.  And if it looks like a blow-out, I’ll gladly miss out on all those high dollar commercials.

  • Cardinals 20, Steelers 17.

    Kurt Warner throws for a lot of yardage, keeps the Steelers defense on the field, but finds it tough getting into the end zone .