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Super Steelers

A good Super Bowl (and a good half-time show). No standouts on the commercials.

I had picked the Cardinals by three. That was also the top pick in our Super Bowl poll.

Interestingly, no one picked the Steelers by 3 (the closest pick to the result).

3 Responses to Super Steelers

  • Yeah it was certainly more entertaining than the commercials this year, although I was hoping the Cardinals could win.  I knew that they scored too quickly.

    On the other hand it was one of the WORST OFFICIATED games I have ever seen.  The number of bad or questionable calls and non calls was huge.

    • I’ve seen worse officiating but I was left wondering about that one Steeler’s “false start” charged to the center.
      The replay showed the center moving at one point but he settled down long before the Cardinals pounced offsides.
      Of course, the announcers were silent after the replay as they cut to commercial.

      I often wish that the NFL would take questions about this kind of stuff, but I understand why not.

      While the definition of “off sides” in hockey may be nearly impossible to explain, it’s pretty easy to see.  Frankly, I’ve now given up trying to figure out what is “holding” and “pass interference” much as I gave up trying to figure out what was the “strike zone” in baseball.  While some of both of these are obvious, many more are not.

  • And I found some of the commercials were gratuitously violent .. violent without purpose.
    I usually don’t care, but it seemed a bit over the top.

    Budweiser seemed to have the cutest commercials, but I doubt they will be that memorable.  Otherwise there was nothing to compete with the “Mac 1984,” “Running with the Squirrels” or “Cat Herding” commercials of past Super Bowls.