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Irony – It’s Becoming A Democratic Exclusive

Tom Daschle a few years ago [pdf]:

Make no mistake, tax cheaters cheat us all, and the IRS should enforce our laws to the letter.

Tom Daschle today:

“Daschle spokeswoman Jenny Backus said he had known since June 208 that his luxury car and driver provided by wealthy Democratic donor, longtime friend and business associate Leo Hindery might be taxable, but never expected the amount to be such a ‘jaw-dropping’ sum and ‘thought it was being taken care of’ by his accountant.”

Of course he did.  Let’s get real here – he never really checked or cared until he found out he was in line to take a cabinet post with the most ethical administration ever.  And then suddenly it was both important and a priority.

Say “hi” to Tim Geithner for us, will you Tom?

Hope and change.


[Via Don Surber]

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10 Responses to Irony – It’s Becoming A Democratic Exclusive

  • Not only did Dashele not check, but the Obama people didn’t ask either. It’s simply not important to them.

  • Damn the tax consequences.  Why isn’t anyone asking how Daschle could have been receiving this “gift” from a donor while he was an elected official?

  • As a friend of mine said, it’s no wonder that dems don’t worry about higher tax rates: they don’t pay taxes anyway, so why should they care how high the rate goes?

  • That Daschle has not been forced out of contention is what is so pathetic and empty about the “hopeydopeychange” of The Clown™.

    If Bush, or McCain if he had won, had nominated losers like Geithner and/or Daschle, the “media” (now called “The Obama Lapdogs”) would laugh every night and the countdown would start on how long it would take for them to either withdraw or be forced to step aside.

    But when we have The Clown™ in command, it is okay for tax cheats and other thieves to gain control of the government. After all, we have a man running the show who a few short years ago was conspiring with Tony Rezko to steal money from the US government and line their own pockets with it in the form of “housing subsidies” that The Clown™ helped get as an Illinois state Senator.

    Blagojevich be damned, but he is an honest man compared to Rezko and The Clown.™ That the media did not vet the Dimwit-in-Command before they elected him dictator is why we are in the hole we currently find ourselves in.

  • I’m not really sure what Daschle expects this defense to accomplish.  “I’m not evil–I’m just terribly, terribly incompetent.  Put me in charge!”

  • They said that if I voted for John McCain, the federal government would be run by criminals. They were right.

  • I’ll pay “my” taxes the day I’m nominated for a cabinet position.

  • It’s appalling that someone could register to vote, run for public office and get elected in Guilford County under a false name.
    It’s no less outrageous just because the office was a seat on the Soil and Water Conservation Board, a position that pays no salary or benefits. Harm has been done to that board, its members, other candidates and to the integrity of the election system. The lesson should force changes in state law to require more certain voter and candidate identification.