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Transferring BDS to RDS

Here at QandO we’ve written fairly extensively about the incidence of Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS) over the last few years.  We’ve wondered aloud, or at least in print, what the left would do once Bush was no longer available to hate?

Would it dissipate and change into OLS (that’s Obama Love Syndrome) or would it simply be transferred to some other someone on the right the left loves to hate?

Well, in what most people consider a rookie mistake, Mr. Obama gave us the answer.  He called out Rush Limbaugh (and ended up looking worse for it) and the BDS sufferers – who were experiencing withdrawal symptoms not related to Iraq – had a new figure on whom they could lavish their derangement anew.

With his explicit attack on Limbaugh during a Capitol Hill meeting last week, Obama has signaled the end of Bush Derangement Syndrome – the defining mental illness of the Democrats for eight years – and ushered in the age of Rush Derangement Syndrome.

You would think that victories in the presidential race and Congress would be enough for the Left. But no. Like Captain Ahab, Sen. Lindsay Graham still bristles at the “loud folks” in conservative talk radio. Democrats even drafted a petition denouncing Limbaugh last week, showing that trying to save the economy doesn’t wait for petty personal attacks.

Too bad Obama hasn’t learned the lessons of his predecessors. Limbaugh not only has survived countless protests, boycotts, media smears and political attempts to kick him off the airwaves. He has emerged each time with a higher profile, greater influence, and a strengthened hand.

Yes indeed, the transfer of power is complete.   Gotta love the left’s complete cluelessness about certain things.

Hope and change.


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3 Responses to Transferring BDS to RDS

  • off subject                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Straight to the point.  All people speaking for the conservatives must point out what the unemployment rate and Dow Jones was before the Dems took over in ’06.
    Saw 2 talking heads this morning. One for the GOP, one for dems talking about the stimulus. The dem brought up how many people are losing their jobs. The GOP talking head mumbled something about tax cuts.
    Conservaties must alway put the blame on the Dem take over in ’06.

  • They need the anti-Limbaugh sideshow to distract the lemmings from noticing that the Dems are in complete and total control, and do not need any GOP help whatsoever to advance their agenda.

    And the lemmings predictably react.

  • Wait!  I thought The Annointed One was a different kind of politician, one who would unite us, one who would help us see past our differences to be better, kinder people!  So, he obviously can’t be attacking another person merely for having a different world-view and opposing his policies, can he?  I mean, I would expect an old-school sort of politician to set up a boogey-man to serve as a focus of hatred for his followers and to distract attention from his accomplishments (or lack thereof), but The Annointed One is… is… Well, he’s the messiah who will heal American politics (and cause the oceans to stop rising)!  He wouldn’t do a thing like smearing Rush for political reasons!

    Shame on you for suggesting that the wonderful, wonderful man in the White House would EVER behave like a typical politician.  Hmph!  What’s next?  Will you criticize him for appointing people who might have had some teensy-weensy little ethical lapses?  You should be supporting TAO is his selfless work of trying to save the economy AND THE WHOLE PLANET.

    / sarc

    I suspect what TAO is doing – aside from behaving like a typical dem (spit) politician – is setting the stage for the Fairness Doctrine.  He, with the willing connivance of MiniTru and the filth in Congress, will pitch to the American people how destructive it is to have people like Rush “polluting” the airwaves and how the government MUST take reasonable, common-sense steps to stop Rush and people like him from brainwashing the American people (let’s recall that Trashcan Chuckie openly compared right-wing speech to porn).  Remember: as far as lefties are concerned, the ONLY opinion people can get in this country is right-wing from Rush, Hannity, Coulter, and Fox News.  Lefties have NO outlet for their opinions at all.

    At least, that’s what we’ll be told.  Over, and over, and over, and over again.

    One would think that a genius like TAO could understand the clear meaning of the First Amendment but, alas, like so many other politicians, he’s not into all that much freedom for little people.  They might (gasp!) vote for conservatives, and we can’t have that!