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NoKo Prepares To Launch The “Let’s Test The New Guy” Missile

Cult of Personality?

Cult of Personality?

Of course “Dear Leader” and the boys also call the missile the Taepodong-2 and it is supposedly capable of reaching the US (Alaska or Hawaii – and no Sarah Palin can’t see NoKo from Alaska). But as the title indicates, there’s little doubt about why it is to be launched:

The apparent preparations for a launch, which are easily discernible by spy satellites, may be intended by the government as a way of asserting itself as it prepares to resume nuclear disarmament negotiations with the new US government of Barack Obama.

Dear Leader knows all about political brinksmanship and he wants to see how the Obama administration reacts to him and his machinations. This is all a pretty normal course of events in international relations. If there’s a new guy, the usual suspects try to test him to see what they can get away with. And, if he blinks, well, the full court press will be on.

One of the strengths of our American democracy, of course, is we don’t have a “Dear Leader” problem here. Nope, sure don’t. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Hope and change.


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8 Responses to NoKo Prepares To Launch The “Let’s Test The New Guy” Missile

  • Kimmo had better hope that this one doesn’t fizzle nearly as bad as his last big show for the cameras.   Otherwise it would seem the joke is on the man in the mirror.

  • Kim Jong-Poofy Hair had better watch out: TAO, in order to establish his creds, might just OVERreact.  If I worked in a norkie aspirin factory, I think I’d be putting in for some vacation time about now.

    Or, he might tell his shiny new bagman AG to issue an arrest warrant for KJI for polluting the atmosphere or launching a rocket without a permit as part of his “law enforcement” approach to dealing with the bad actors in the world.

  • Hmmmm.  Didn’t someone say recently “Gird Your Loins!!  Obama will be tested.”

    Well,………Gird Your Loins!!!!!!!

  • We all know what the response will be if any.

    Writing a nuanced harsh letter to the UN with an Oplogy for the harsh letter attached.

    • You give him too much credit:   I’m thinking it’ll be one-on-one, heart-to-heart talks with no preconditions.  The One will bring our enemies to the table and decide how much taxpayer money they’ll receive.

    • “Oplogy”

      Heh.  That word is definitely getting prodigious use during the course of this administration.