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The Lonliest Guy In D.C. Right Now

That would be Robert Gibbs, Presidential spokesman for the Obama administration. He’s discovering that “just words” aren’t good enough anymore. For instance:

Robert Gibbs told reporters Tuesday, “The bar that we set is the highest that any administration in the country has ever set.”

Here’s a clue, Mr. Gibbs – unless you clear the bar it really doesn’t matter how high you set it. Setting the bar at 10′ but only being able to reach 6′ doesn’t really impress anyone.

Oh, and this is classic:

He also said those experts recognized that Obama would need to make exceptions to his pledge to run an administration free of former lobbyists.

As Maxwell Smart would say, Ah, the old “experts say” ploy. Yeah, that excuses absolute pledges doesn’t it?

It is “put up or shut up” time, Mr. Gibbs. You don’t get to promise anymore. You have to perform. You don’t get to tell us what you’re going to do, now you have to do it.

And in the face of Geithner, Holder, Dashle, Killefer, and all the lobbyists for which the administration has made exceptions, the bar doesn’t look very high from out here in flyover land. And you’re still far from getting over it.

Hope and change.


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7 Responses to The Lonliest Guy In D.C. Right Now

  • Maybe the bar he was talking about was the one he has been drinking at.

  • I bet Baghdad Bob was Gibbs’ hero.  Now he just needs a catchy nickname…Bama Bob?

  • Robert Gibbs told reporters Tuesday, “The bar that we set is the highest that any administration in the country has ever set.”

    He followed that up with “Thank you, thank you! You’ve been a beautiful audience, I’ll be here all week. Try the veal”

    Honestly, the unknown comic was more ready to perform than this administration.

  • You misunderstand. It’s not the pole vault or high jump Robert Gibbs is talking about it’s the Limbo.

  • So the bar is you can ignore a Geithner-level tax evasion but not a Daschle? What about a Rangel? Is there a box at the door of the White House that looks like those luggage sizers at the United check-in counter that say, “Your tax evasion must fit into this box or else you must check it?” Does the size of the box change for each person?

  • This administration is like the dog that caught the garbage truck.  Now what do I do?

    The time to lower expectations is long past.  The American people were promised unicorns and rainbows.  Sweat and tears are not a palatable substitute.   If this keeps up, "miserable failure" will be neither a google-bomb nor associated with Bush.