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Rangel to Be Cleared?

Given the vaunted status of tax cheats amongst the Democrats, you’re all shocked, I’m sure:

Charles Rangel in "Scold Finger II: The Speaker Who Loved Me"

Charles Rangel in Scold Finger II: The Speaker Who Loved Me

House Ways and Means Chairman Charles B. Rangel predicted, on C-SPAN’s Newsmakers program that aired Sunday, Feb. 1, 2009, that his multitude of ethics woes would soon disappear. “I think that next Tuesday you will see a break in this and as soon as the Ethics Committee organizes they ought to be able to dismiss this,” National Journal’s CongressDaily quoted the Rangel as saying.

If so, it’s hard to imagine that the Select Committee on Ethics will have devoted anything more than a cursory glance at the various issues raised. Consider just one aspect, for which documents are in the public record: Rangel’s financial disclosure forms. We took a look at his filings going all the way back to 1978, the first year members were required to disclose information on their personal finances, and found 28 instances in which he failed to report acquiring, owning or disposing of assets. Assets worth between $239,026 and $831,000 appear or disappear with no disclosure of when they were acquired, how long they were held, or when they were sold, as the operative House rules at the time required.

This is all according to Charlie, of course. Much like the Obama team clearing itself of any inappropriate behavior in the Blagojevich troubles, taking Charlie’s word here would not be advisable. However, he seems to know that something is coming, and considering that Speaker Pelosi made little to no effort to support the investigation, we shouldn’t be surprised if Rangel walks away from this with his Chairmanship still intact.

Most ethical Congress ever!

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9 Responses to Rangel to Be Cleared?

  • Rangel should be sent to prison. He is a criminal, plain and simple. He should not pass go, he should not collect $200. He should just GO.

    And he should take Nancy Shmancy and Pervert Barney and Thief Harry of Searchlight with him. They all are crooks, thieves, and liars.

    Damn them all.

  • Someone, somewhere has to be getting hammered for similar tax issues in the country.  And one of those someone’s is going to sue for equal treatment under the law.  I mean, come on!  This low life does not deserve to be in office another moment.  And shame on the people of NY is they reelect him.

  • Charlie Rangel is a walking example of the need for term limits (or as an alternative, sanity testing).

  • This is a prime example of defining deviancy down: when everybody on Capitol Hill is a tax cheat, then why should ol’ Taz be denied his chairmanship because he’s “a simple man who doesn’t understand the tax code” (that he helps write)?

  • Yet another nail in the coffin. They’re begging to be hammered in the midterms…

  • >>>Charlie Rangel is a walking example of the need for term limits

    Actually the need for abortion

  • These bums aren’t only not worth the money, they’re molesting every one of us and we’re standing around looking at our feet! May the Lord have mercy on our worthless souls.

  • Just saw this on Drudge –

    Solis Senate Session Postponed in Wake of Husband’s Tax Lien Revelations
    Updated 3:30 p.m.
    By Michael A. Fletcher
    A Senate committee today abruptly canceled a session to consider President Obama’s nomination of Rep. Hilda Solis to be labor secretary in the wake of a report saying that her husband yesterday paid about $6,400 to settle tax liens against his business — including liens that had been outstanding for as long as 16 years.

  • Why does no one see it? The answer to all of our money problems is for Obama to create a revolving door of nominations to the various cabinet posts, etc. By the time he is all done, all democrats involved in government will have been nominated, and all will have suddenly, on the eves of their respective hearings, written checks  to the Treasury. All amounts they have overlooked paying in the past will be paid. Budget problem solved, deficit gone.