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The Rush To Pass Global Warming Legislation

It sounds innocuous enough – at least in the broad language used below. I’m talking about Sen. Boxer’s promised push to move “global warming” legislation through Congress within weeks (or, per Boxer, no later than the end of the year):

Boxer’s principles for global warming legislation aim for a law that would:

— set “certain and enforceable” short and long-term emissions targets;

— ensure state and local entities keep working to address global warming;

— establish a market-based system that cuts carbon emissions;

— use revenues from this carbon market to help consumers make the transition to clean energy and invest in new technology and efficiency measures;

— ensure a level global playing field with incentives for polluting countries to give their share to the international effort to curb climate change.

These goals won quick applause from environmental and conservation groups, including the National Wildlife Federation, the Pew Center on Global Climate Change, Environment America and Environmental Defense Fund.

Well of course those groups applauded the list. They’ve been beating the AGW drum for years. And it occurs to me that one of the reasons Boxer is working so hard to move this into the legislative hopper as quickly as possible because the skeptic’s voices are becoming increasingly heard.

Like anything else, there’s a window for legislation and I think Boxer sees that window starting to close. The information countering the AGW nonsense is starting to build momentum. Boxer understands that at some point there will be a tipping point. Already polls have flipped and for the first time more believe the climate change we’re undergoing is the result of natural cycles and not man-made emissions.

If that gap continues to widen, and I believe it will, plus the cost to do what Boxer and the Democrats want to do is given more visibility, the opportunity to pass such legislation will wane (just as we see support for the present stimulus bill withering as more and more information about it becomes available).

Boxer and the Democrats hope to strike while the iron is hot – no pun intended.

Hope and change.


3 Responses to The Rush To Pass Global Warming Legislation

  • One thing we can hope for is that the Democrats will fall on their sword and what better blade than Global Warming. Imagine – a stimulus bill that does little stimulating and a global warming bill that stifles what little gets stimulated. Then imagine the Dems having to backtrack on themselves. We couldn’t ask for anything better.

    But that is but a dream. A nice dream but one that I personally do not want to come true. As I said to my “YEllow-Dog-Democrat” sister, “I love this country far more than I despise the Democrats.”

  • Why is there such a rush?  Didn’t some scientific group come out and say we can’t change anything for 1000 years?  I’m sure another year or two won’t matter.

  • great blog on global warming ……