Free Markets, Free People

I think the last two words can be removed

Via Instapundit, Commentary Magazine, CNN’s Campbell Brown,  says:

Congress clueless about retreats

Based on the stimulus discussion now underway, I think the last two words are redundant.

(Update noon CST – Sorry, I was reading something on Commentary Magazine, saw the “Commentary” in the headline of this article, and got momentarily confused about what I was reading. Bryan Pick was kind enough to tip me off. Thanks, Bryan.)

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3 Responses to I think the last two words can be removed

  • They definitely qualifty the statement too narrowly.

  • I fear they are clueless about the anger building in this country.  Demonizing Wall Street might sell outside NY, but when the Congress exhibits the same Imperial hubris, don’t you think people might equate the two?

    I heard, for the first time in public last week, someone say that the solution for one politician is one bullet.  This came from a licensed professional, not some idiot mouthing off in a bar.  This week we lost 1200 manufacturing jobs in town.  Meanwhile, DC tries to push a pork bill that the CBO says will hurt the economy.   Are these people clueless?  Do we need to see bodies hanging from the lamp posts before some understanding sinks in? 

    Demonizing employers will not save you.   The economy is in trouble because people have no money.  For many of us, employees and companies alike, taxes are our biggest expense… 

  • “taxes are our biggest expense” When you aren’t paying them in the first place, it’s not a problem.