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Paging Ashley Judd…

Reality is calling:

Fish and Game Director Cal Groen told the Joint Finance and Appropriations Committee that Idaho’s estimated 824 wolves are impacting the state’s deer and elk population.

He says big game populations are decreasing by as much as 15 percent a year. Without the wolves, Idaho’s deer and elk herds would be increasing 7 percent a year.

Groen says the wolf packs have become overcrowded and wolves have begun to kill each other.

I assume Judd has an opinion about this too.


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4 Responses to Paging Ashley Judd…

  • I think you mean Ashley Judd.

    Anyway, this lib opposition to shooting wolves from aircraft is typical hypocrisy and stems from an unwillingness (inability?) to understand ANYTHING about conservation and environmental management.  All libs see is nasty ol’ humans shooting helpless wolves; they DON’T see an effort to conserve ALL the species.  When I was a boy living in Kentucky, the animal rights loonies managed to get a moratorium on deer hunting; no more shooting Bambi!  What their puny minds couldn’t comprehend was that there there are no natural predators of deer in Kentucky, and hence nothing to keep a check on the population.  Within a couple of seasons, it exploded, leading to deer starving to death in droves because there was simply not enough food for them.  The state was compelled not only to lift the hunting ban but also have an extended season with relaxed rules to get the population back down to a sustainable level.

    We see the same thing in the west with wildfires.  Libs only see nasty ol’ logging companies raping the forests; they DON’T see that keeping the forests clear of dead wood and undergrowth helps prevent devastating fires.

    “If it feels right, do it” isn’t a good recipe for a healthy and successful life, and it’s a bloody stupid way to run a government.

  • "Wolves have begun to kill each other"

    That’s a natural phenomenon. Being a wolf is dangerous business. Always has been.