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SNL – Phelps Phlack

I‘m not much of a fan of Saturday Night Live anymore. The overly partisan commentary was bad enough, but when Will Ferrell left, there wasn’t much reason to stick around anymore. Despite all that, however, I think Seth Meyers pretty much nailed it on the Michael Phelps pot smoking non-story:

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7 Responses to SNL – Phelps Phlack

  • Dude… You LIKE Ferrell???

    I…  I don’t know if I can respect you anymore…  He’s one of two actors (Ben Stiller being the other) who apparently must DIE in order for the crappy movies to stop…

    • Ferrell. Is. Hilarious.

      Stiller too.  I love “crappy movies” that make me laugh.  Heck, Chevy Chase’s entire career was based on that genre.

    • I’m with you, Scott. I heard that Talledega Nights was funny, and except for the mock commercials, it wasn’t funny, just stupid.

      On the Stiller side, I tried three times to watch There’s Something About Mary, and never made it through. Not funny.

      Comedies seem a lost art for Hollywood. The last really good one was probably Men in Black. Well, actually Big Trouble (from the same director) came later and is hilarious, but being about nuclear terrorism was apparently the kiss of death for a movie released in 2002. And Team America: World Police (2004) wasn’t too bad.

  • They had some good material, but SNL’s writers just suck. Saying “really” over and over again killed it.

  • Will Farrell and Pauly Shore  in a movie directed by Edward Wood Jr.. The ultimate comedy. Guaranteed to leave the audience rolling in the aisles. 

    (Intense sarcasm)

    • Were we to see such a movie together, you would hear from my direction a *clickclick…BANG* as I killed myself to escape the horror…