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S-CHIP – An Incremental Move To Universal Health Care

If you harbored any doubt about the real purpose of the recent S-CHIP bill which expanded government health care, these excerpts should remove it:

Obama at a White House signing ceremony said, “I refuse to accept that millions of our children fail to reach their full potential because we fail to meet their basic needs” (Pulizzi/Johnson, Wall Street Journal, 2/4). He added, “In a decent society, there are certain obligations that are not subject to tradeoffs or negotiation, and health care for our children is one of those obligations” (Mussenden, Media General News/Richmond Times-Dispatch, 2/5). He said, “The way I see it, providing coverage to 11 million children [through SCHIP] is a down payment on my commitment to cover every single American” (Levey, Los Angeles Times, 2/5). He continued, “It is just one component of a much broader effort to finally bring our health care system into the 21st century,” adding, “I am confident that, if we work together, if we come together, we can finally achieve what generations of Americans have fought for and fulfill the promise of health care in our time” (Washington Times, 2/5).

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said, “This is the beginning of the change that the American people voted for in the last election and that we will achieve with President Obama” (Los Angeles Times, 2/5). Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.) said, “I cannot think of a better investment than the health of our children” (Graham, “Triage,” Chicago Tribune, 2/4). Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) said, “We’ve waited far too long for this day. America’s kids should be guaranteed comprehensive care whether they need dental care, mental health, medical or surgical treatment” (Rhee, “Political Intelligence,” Boston Globe, 2/4). House Energy and Commerce Committee Chair Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) said, “While this bill is short of our ultimate goal of health reform, it is a down payment, and is an essential start” (New York Times, 2/5).

Keep your eye on the ball because this is moving very, very quickly.


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3 Responses to S-CHIP – An Incremental Move To Universal Health Care

  • The thing about this grab by the federal government for control of health care that worries me quite a bit is that is will be extremely difficult to “undo” the damage and reverse the control in the future.  Nothing is impossible, but it will be very tough, indeed.  I am waiting for the “mandatory” part to rear its ugly head.

  • We must all keep a record of these highfalutin’ pronouncements by liberals wherein they express their “sincere” desire to provide for the health care needs of all people.  These statements will serve as a vivid contrast from the excuses we will get when they begin the inevitable rationing of health care and they allow cronyism and favoritism to distate who gets health care and what kind of health care will be given priority over others.  Liberals will then try to tell us that up is down and that government provided health care is so much better than private health care ever was.  They will say that we are just complainers.  They will tell us how much the government is doing for us despite months long wait lists and cruel decisions to let certain types of maladies go untreated.  Does anyone thik that Obama will ever wait even a day for health care.  If you do, you are an idiot.  Neither will Bill or Hillary.  When Castro got sick, he didn’t go to the local clinic with the peasants, they flew in a specialist from Spain.  Health care is yet another way in which we are totally screwed.

  • I do believe that SCHIP is just the beginning or a fraction of a much bigger plan for health reform, and a good start at that.