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Don’t Worry Julio!

Julio works at Mickey D’s and has for the last 4 years. President Obama tells him not to worry, that upcoming legislation is going to cover him up with money he didn’t earn (“refundable tax credits”) and help pay for his college too!

Watch this performance – on both sides:

Maybe that car and mortgage payment aren’t such a wild thought after all.

But as Walter Williams reminds us:

“In stimulus package language, if Congress taxes to hand out money, one person is stimulated at the expense of another, who pays the tax and is unstimulated. A visual representation of the stimulus package is: Imagine you see a person at work taking buckets of water from the deep end of a swimming pool and dumping them into the shallow end in an attempt to make it deeper. You would deem him stupid. That scenario is equivalent to what Congress and the new President proposes for the economy.”

Welcome to the deep end. You’re going to be putting Julio through college. Do you think he’ll even send you a thank you note?


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24 Responses to Don’t Worry Julio!

  • Watch this performance – on both sides


    I am as ashamed of the citizenry as I am this president

  • “Ask what your country can do for you!”

  • Of course Obama went to south Florida hype his stimulus bill.  Florida is this country’s own little banana republic, filled with left leaning morons like Julio.  I am so grateful that I moved out!

  • Worst President Ever, already.

  • Perhaps along with our W-2’s each year, we could receive a “personalized” letter from one of our new dependents. What joy we would receive as the picture arrived of them smiling as they cash the tax credit checks, made possible by our daily contributions.  They could send us regular notes (or twitters!) about how they put the money to good use. Each year we could enjoy the growth of our “extended family” as new dependents are added, and new pictures are received for our scrapbook. We could live a little vicariously through them  as we work longer and longer to maintain their lifestyle. And one day, after our job is finally given to someone more deserving, perhaps we, too, can have the government photograph us cashing our tax credit check, sending it and our thank you notes to our benefactors.  

  • Julio must Scott Erb’s top student.

  • That was like a cross between a televangelist and the Price Is Right.  I try to stay positive, but the past few weeks have left me in quite the quandary.  How in the he!! are we going to continue paying for all of this stuff?  Williams’ analogy is, unfortunately, quite apt. 

    That cabin in Nowhere, CO is starting to look mighty tempting.

  • Does the stimulus include billions of dollars spent on Pell grants for communications majors?  That will surely help.

  • Speaking of being ashamed of the citizenry:

    I would gladly see every single one of these sunshine patriots in the grave. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but there’s no other way to express it that wouldn’t be honest.

  • Between Julio’s public orgasm and Obama’s crap, I nearly barfed up my dinner.  I gotta tell you, Julio, if you’ve been working 4 1/2 years at McDonald’s, and you can’t find a better job, and you haven’t been promoted, I’d say you’re either doing something wrong or you’re more than mildly retarded.

  • That cabin in Nowhere, CO is starting to look mighty tempting.

    I’ll bring the ammo, if you promise to not bring any Will Ferrell movies… 🙂

    • Deal.  We’ll survive on Outlaw Josey Wales, Braveheart, and whatever Adam Sandler movies my wife totes along.  In addition, of course, to the myriad kids movies my sons are partial to (Kung Fu Panda and Ratatouille being my favorites).  If it’s any consolation, I’m a maestro with an axe 😉

  • I’m dumbfounded. Do you really need to go to college to learn how to be a DJ? Do you really need to spend all that money to be able to use an iPod? Higher education is looking like more and more of a sham. Good thing the gov’t wants to subsidize more of it!

    I mean, really?

  • CNBC had on one fellow who said that “these guys don’t know markets“.
    He went on to explain that Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner hadn’t disclosed a “plan” today, but rather gave a “broad” outline of a plan which, as far as the markets were concerned, was worse than nothing.

    Geithner should have waited until the plan was complete rather than creating new uncertainty in the market with “vapor”.

  • I actually have a cabin in the middle of nowhere here in Colorado. I wish it weren’t so far away from work/school/mom’s cooking.

  • Julio is going to thank taxpayers by getting an education, earn more money than he would have without that education, and pay more in taxes as a consequence.

    • Del WassoJulio is going to thank taxpayers by getting an education, earn more money than he would have without that education, and pay more in taxes as a consequence.

      … so politicians will have even MORE money to give away to buy MORE votes.

      Think seriously about the implication of your statement: that taxpayers – CITIZENS – are nothing more than revenue sources for the government.  The government, to maximize its income, “cultivates” citizens so they can earn more, which leads to higher tax revenue.

      Strange: I always thought that the government was supposed to serve the citizens, not the other way ’round.

      And perhaps the government wouldn’t need so much money if every Tom, Dick and Julio didn’t have a hand out crying, “Take care of me!!!”

      If Julio wants to “thank me” (I pay taxes), then he can STOP sponging off of me and go get a better job and stop getting TAO and other politicians to play Robin Hood with my money.

    • Julio is going to thank taxpayers by getting an education…


      How can you possibly know that? Based on the experience I’ve seen with young people getting Pell grants, it’s a heck of a lot more likely that he’ll thank taxpayers by blowing off his educational opportunity and living the good life until the money runs out.

      And that’s not even taking into account the overall economics, and the effects on others trying to get an education. Pouring money into “educational opportunties” causes institutions of higher learning to inexorably raise their fees, as we’ve seen over the past several decades. That forces more and more of those wanting higher education into the “have to have help to go” bucket. Which either raises the cost of the assistance programs, or we’re right back where we started after a few years of fee increases.

  • Obama’s pandering is certainly infuriating for those of us who can do basic math.  But Julio sounds almost like he just wants to get close enough to touch the hem of Obama’s garment.  Creepy.

  • Either the kid is a complete looser, he’s acting, or his behavior is an affectation.  I’m suprised he didn’t do the hand waving in front of his tears.

    ‘Course, he could have been a plant trying to make TAO followers look loony.  But then, I don’t think they need help with that.

  • well what do you know

    Julio got a job offer too.  Isnt that amazing how that works out?
    I cant find the link but he was offered another job.

    All you have to do is ask THE ANNOINTED ONE for something and POOF it appears.

    I hope I see him.  I am going to ask for a billion dollar hand out and see if I get it.

    Will let you know the outcome.

    • “Picked up another job — if just for a day — as the color announcer for the Fort Myers Miracle baseball team’s radio broadcast for its home opener April 10. The one-day gig typically pays $25, but the Miracle said the salary is negotiable.”

      So he’s getting paid an equivalent of roughly 3 hours of work at McDonalds.  For a job that will most likely take 4 hours.  And actually requires some experience/skill at something (color commentary).  To recapitulate: more hours, less money, more skill required.  Sweet Jesus I hope this isn’t the “change” we’re all headed for!

  • Don’t forget to play, name that party with the politician in the article who’s wife is offering the homeless lady a home.