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If the logic behind the stimulus applied to everyday life

I was thinking something as I watched the video that McQ posted earlier. Those guys point out several times that it’s pretty silly to think you can solve a problem created by too much borrowing and spending by doing a lot more borrowing and spending.

If everyone followed that logic in everyday life, imagine the results:

“Gosh, I’m forty pounds overweight now. I better start eating more.”

“Honey, you’re getting too many speeding tickets.” “Well, then, I better start driving faster.”

“That girl says I irritate her, but I really like her. I guess I should start being more obnoxious.”

“Oh, dear, the roof is leaking again. I better make the hole bigger.”

I’ve been expecting some sort of major meltdown at some point since I first became aware of the demographics of Social Security and the trend lines for government spending about thirty years ago. But I never would have predicted that so many supposedly smart and serious people would take blatant nonsense seriously.

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16 Responses to If the logic behind the stimulus applied to everyday life

  • Geeze Billy – the timeline suggests, like me,  you’ve met the enemy and they is us.    I’m trying to figure out how so few of us went down a more conservative path and how so many of the others turned out to be such….  Was it the education?  Was it our parents?  I know if I’d followed my parents influence more I’d be voting Democrat without thinking about it.    Was it my college education that changed my direction (given when I went, you’d think I’d be far less conservative….).  I’d be happily waiting for the government to give me more free things and ‘help’ me more.
    I mean, I grew up in Massachusetts, son of a proud member of the IBEW, where did I go wrong?  Why can’t I place the blame for all this on the Republicans and rich people (but I repeat myself) where all my indocrination tells me it surely belongs?

  • It’s simple. People who had absolutly no intention to ever be in the least bit tolerant went and convinced a few generations of people that tolerance and compromise was always the best solution.

    Then they stopped compromising. Now you’re stuck with millions of people thinking since they’re trying to compromise, the other view point must also be compromising.
    “Never assume the enemy has anything near your value system.” seems to be the quote that comes to mind.

  • Gosh, six beers makes me drunk and I feel terrible in the morning.  So tonight I’ll have twelve.

    • Course now…the really big difference is no one is telling you to stop questioning them and drink more beer or there will be hell to pay and the whole country will collapse.

      I mean people who like good beer,  we KNOW that intuitively, right?

  • And this is exactly what the Dems have been saying!  “Bush spent us into this recession!”  The solution?  More spending!

  • “That girl says I irritate her, but I really like her. I guess I should start being more obnoxious.”

    Wait, I think that one works, doesn’t it?

    Gosh, six beers makes me drunk and I feel terrible in the morning. So tonight I’ll have twelve.

    I know that one works, but only if you start in the morning.

  • We saved and sacrificed so we could retire and have a good life.  We lost 40% in the market when 50% was in fixed income instruments; over 20% in Lehman Brothers bonds.  That didn’t work out so well since those $2.5 billion in bonuses given out after Lehman’s bankruptcy didn’t head in our direction.  So in keeping with the president’s logic, now it is time to go on cruises, take vacations overseas and other such necessary actions to spend to save our economy.  I’m sure that the “One” will take care of our retirement since we deserve one whether or not we will have any savings remaining.  All hail the “One”.

  • Personally, now that I know there’s $50 billion in mortgage bailout money, I’m thinking the new toys I want suddenly got much more important than my monthly mortgage is.  Their going to stop foreclosures on me, right?  I can finally breath easier knowing I don’t have to worry about my mortgage.  Now, if he’d just buy me gas for the trips I’ll take with what used to be my mortgage payments, I’d be all set.  Or am I supposed to keep working like a good little worker drone so that less responsible people can get their rewards?  Is that it?

    • Funny you should write that.  I recently got married and my wife and I are wondering what to do about our houses; we don’t want to keep paying two mortgages, and we worry that selling won’t be easy in this market.  I suggested (not entirely facetiously) that we simply default on our mortgages and let Uncle Sugar pay for them.

      The idea is looking better and better every day.

  • I know that one works, but only if you start in the morning.

    That’s what makes “hair of the dog” the perfect analogy.  It does seem to work for a while, at least to dull the symptoms.  Unfortunately, if you have a long-term  problem with alcohol, it does so at the cost of making the the long-term problem even worse.  Eventually, the doses get so frequent and so large, and the underlying problem gets so overwhelming, that the whole system collapses.

    I’ve seen quite a few liberal bloggers already exhibiting signs of this “debtaholism.”  Aziz Poonwalla over at Dean Esmay’s blog dismisses the CBO estimates that the stimulus will, long-term,  decrease the GDP of the US below even doing nothing by saying “Oh well, I doubt this takes into account future stimulus packages.  As the problem gets worse, we’ll just do more stimulus.”  To me, this exhibits either blithe ignorance of exactly why the stimulus will decrease the GDP in the long-term, or just complete apathy to the future.

  • Apathy?  I think they’re in heaven, the Dems plan on being in charge pretty much from this time forward.  Saving us all today with our own future money…add a little Census manipulation, what could go wrong?  Obviously we can’t use the ‘failed policies of the past’.  The failed policy of the past was that we didn’t spend enough through government I guess.

    • You got it!  And coming up next:  Tax increases.  Remember all the belly-aching on the left about the “Tax-cut and Spend Republicans?”  When a Democrat says it, it’s because they prefer “Tax and Spend” over less spending.  It’s coming.  I would not be surprised to see an increase in the capitol gains tax before the end of the year.

      In my “Top Ten Best Things About Porkulus” list I joke in number six: “Shoring up Amtrak will pay off when we’re all riding the rails hobo-style in a couple of years.”  As porkulus sinks in, I’m thinking it’s not that funny.  I hope we have an easy time converting our turkey deep-fryers into hobo stoves.

  • “Honey, you’re getting too many speeding tickets.” “Well, then, I better start driving faster.”

    I used this logic in high school and college. The theory was: If I’m driving much faster than the normal speed limit, then I’m less likely to get nabbed from behind by a cop and much more likely to come up on them from behind, where I can recognize them and slow down and avoid a ticket.

    For the record: It didn’t work so well.

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  • I’ve got six kids that I can’t support. Better have eight more!