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About Those “Corporate” Jets

The other entity who got us into this financial mess has no problem whatsoever about using the equivalent when necessary or convenient while lecturing others about their insensitivity to the times:

A government plane will ferry Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) back to Washington from his mother’s wake in Ohio in time to vote tonight, courtesy of the White House.

Brown won’t even be leaving until viewing hours end at 8 p.m. He then travels back to Washington for his mother’s interment, vote and fly home for his mother’s funeral tomorrow morning.

Nope, when government decides it must “maximize the time” of it’s members, it pulls out all the stops and, as usual, you pay for it.

What was the line – “as long as you’re taking our money”?

Well, that’s all government does.

Do as I say, not as I do.

Hope and change.


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12 Responses to About Those “Corporate” Jets

  • wow, they really need his vote. If only the 3 RINOs could be dissuaded.

  • Nevermind. The 3 pieces of sh*t have voted yes again.

    Drum them out of the caucus.

    Whoever runs against any of them at any stage has my support

  • Wow! More bullsh!t, horsesh!t and horsecrap from The Clown™!

    It has been three+ weeks of bullsh!t, horsesh!t, and horsecrap from The Clown™!

    Worst. President. Ever. Failure. in. One. Month.


  • Maybe the pilot’s a conservative and will delay the flight so that this tax spender doesn’t make it back in time to vote.

  • Looking at the result of the House vote, is it safe to say that Porkulus has bipartisan opposition?

  • This isn’t just a minor gotcha point.   It exposes the actual core of modern liberalism.  The political class really does view itself as being above us plebeians.  CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies are not worthy of flying on private planes but a Senator is.  Nancy Pelosi thought she was worthy of her own Boeing 757.  It isn’t simple hypocrisy.  It evidences their sense of entitlement and their down deep sense of superiority. 

    Liberals intend to impose restrictions on our behavior and they have no intention of subjecting themselves to those same restrictions.  Al Gore’s exorbitant power usage, Laurie David and Cheryl Crow using a private jet on their environmental tour haranguing us about excess toilet paper usage, Brown using this jet so that he can get back to Washington and vote for this Democratic power grab are all evidence of that obvious point.  Modern liberalism is about nothing other than the aquisition and retention of power.  They want to use that power to control us all.

  • Legislators [those who vote right] and members of the Executive Branch are the new aristocracy, and it is unseemly for us to question the perks our betters find necessary as they, um . . . fight to make life better for the hoi polloi. 

    I am, of course, quite grateful that people like Obama, Pelosi, Reid et al.  are willing to devote their fierce intelligence to telling me how I ought to live my life. For who could possibly know better than they do?

  • I’m no fan of the extra expense, but come ON, his mother just died.  He couldn’t control the timing of that. 

    When his third or fourth mother dies in the middle of an important vote, though, THEN it’s a problem.  (We had that problem at the university with makeup tests.  One student had three grandmothers die, conveniently each right before a midterm.)

    • Irrelevant, WH.  He is not entitled to government transportation regardless of the reason (and while his mother’s death sways some emotionally, factually, it’s still not a valid reason).  He can, however, charter an aircraft to get him back to vote if his vote is that important.

  • Saving our Congressman’s financial security.

    Here’s how it’s done:
    1. Withdraw money from a pension or tax-protected savings account to justify charging yourself an interest rate that would make most credit-card companies blush.
    2. Pay only the interest as long as possible on the loan.
    3. Hold fundraisers specifically to retire the debt you owe to yourself, and make sure donors understand exactly where that money goes.
    4. Give yourself all the donations from those fundraisers. Once you have that system established, it allows contributors to stuff money into your pockets as long as the loan remains outstanding.

    At 18% interest, that could go on for decades

  • Since Sherrod’s dead mother will vote for Obama in four years, it’s the least the government could do to fly her son out to vote on this crapulus bill.