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Symbolism Over Substance

Unimpressed is a word that handily describes my reaction to the Obama cabinet to this point. For instance:

Two years ago, an effort to fix No Child Left Behind, the main federal law on public schools, provoked a grueling slugfest in Congress, leading Representative George Miller, Democrat of California, to say the law had become “the most negative brand in America.”

Education Secretary Arne Duncan agrees. “Let’s rebrand it,” he said in an interview. “Give it a new name.”

Why is the law the “most negative brand in America?” Because Democrats and teacher’s unions have spent 8 years blasting a program written by Ted Kennedy (that part seems to be conveniently forgotten now) but signed by George Bush.

And their solution?

Give it a new name.

There, all fixed.



[HT: Below The Beltway]

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11 Responses to Symbolism Over Substance

  • What’s the problem? That’s exactly what Ocarter is doing with all the other horrible, terrible, civil-rights destroying and terrorist-provoking Bush policies he bitterly railed against but suddenly notices that he kinda needs to do this governing thingee

  • So exactly what are they now calling the “Global War On Terror” (GWOT) ?  That war of which Afghan war is part.

    Let’s call it … “Obama’s War”  .. sounds kind of catchy don’t you think.

  • Well, when the ideas are something you’re not actually opposed to, but you have to fight the messenger because it isn’t you what other choice do you have?

  • Let’s call it … “Obama’s War”  .. sounds kind of catchy don’t you think.

    It’s also just as true as Nixon’s War.

  • Well, when you can label massive spending a “stimulus” words cease to have real meaning.

  • “And their solution? …Give it a new name…..There, all fixed……Sheesh.”

    New branding  =  Change.  You know this will be good enough for his brain dead followers.  I have less of a problem with Obama being a smarmy, lying politician than I do with my fellow Americans being so dishonest and/or stupid that they buy into this stuff.

  • Well, look;

    If the program was seen by Obama as a real issue, he’d have changed it or eliminated it. As it is, it’s a Liberland wonder, as I labeled it when Bush first proposed it, using NCLB as one major example as why maintained, then as now, that Bush was never a real conservative, but rather at best a centrist.

    Renaming the program can be taken as indication that Obama likes the program so much, he wants to take credit for it, somehting he couldn’t do under the original name.

  • what was old is new again 🙂

    Bush policy –> BAD!

    Same Bush policy renamed by Obama –> GOOD!

    I can really see the reason that Pogue likes this guy 😉

  • Perhaps we should re-brand the program to “No Child Gets Ahead.”

  • Somehow, you are all still surprised that liberals and Democrats are merely full of horse manure. That they speak in double talk. That they say one thing (“there will be no lobbyists in my administration”) and do another.

    When will you people wake up? The Clown™ and His Clownettes™ are slowly turning into a national disaster. And they will drag the rest of us down with them. Of course The Clown™ had Earth, Wind, and Fire perform last night at the White House – it reminds us all of the 1970s, when we had another clown, Jimmy “Peanuts for Brains” Carter.

    Barack Hussein Clownama: Worst. President. Ever.

    Wake me in 2013 when this nightmare is over.

    • Oh, no, no, no, James.  We’re not surprised that libs and dems (spit) are FOS.  I think we are just dazed at how truly, totally, madly, deeply FOS they are.  Plus, like jt007 says, it’s hard to believe that a significant number of my fellow Americans are either dishonest enough or plain stupid enough to buy into it.