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Who Is “We” Mr. Broder?

In the Washington Post, David Broder ends his op-ed with:

When we elected Obama, we didn’t know what a gambler we were getting.

Is he kidding? Certainly for most of the campaign, we didn’t have the fiscal calamity hanging over our heads, but if Broder thinks that anything that has come out of the Obama administration to this point is a surprise or represents a gamble, I have to wonder what he actually expected.

Obama signalled everything he’s been doing and planed to do for two years, for heaven sake. Where was Broder during all of that?  This isn’t a “gamble”, it’s an agenda.

Health care? Check. Tax increases on the rich? Check. Education “reform”? Check. Green tech/cap-and-trade? Check. Infrastructure “investment” (the fiscal mess just gave him the appropriate excuse for huge deficit spending)? Check. Gitmo, Iraq and A’stan? Check, check, check.

The fact that the Obama administration is moving on all fronts at once is ambitious, no question, but surprising or a gamble? Well only to those who somehow missed what he was saying and projected onto the “hope and change” mantra what they expected instead.

Seems Broder, and much of the MSM, can raise their hands and nod yes to that.


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14 Responses to Who Is “We” Mr. Broder?

  • the Obama administration is moving on all fronts at once is ambitious

    I’m guessing he’s moving fast while the public is still in awe. He doesn’t have much time before people like Broder pick their jaws up off the floor.

  • Obama is like the man who sees his neighbor’s house on fire and figures that neither of this close proximity neighbors has enough insurance to rebuild .. so he starts the neighbor’s house on the other side on fire.
    The only thing left to the imagination is whether the fires on both sides of his house are enough to cause his house to burn to the ground.

  • The only thing not stated before was the gun control desire.  A lot of us knew that was his position, but he always dodged the question.

  • I don’t know about others  but I am laughing that the momental stupidity of these guys.

  • I guess Broder was thinking how well statist economic policies have worked in thepast. No gamble there!

  • Broder should be reminded of the old saying:

    Be careful what you wish for, for you may get it.

    Broder is apparently one of those liberals Lenin referred t0 as “useful fools”: they believe not only that, somehow, one can have a “fairness” along with riches, but also that their leaders can bring about such a halcyon condition.  He’s surprised that “fairness” comes with a steep, steep price.
    “We” are not.

  • I’d guess that no one in the MSM is going to state that its okay for a politician to belong to an organization that treats people based on the color of their skin (even if they’re not white). That leaves exactly zero honest people that did five minutes of research that supported Obama. [Even any that prefer communism to capitalism probably wouldn’t state that in public, I just chose this because it’s more universally accepted that race should not be a factor in how you treat people].

    At this point claiming ignorance is their best option.

  • Broder and the rest of the MSM are directly responsible for the ignorance of the U.S. electorate w.r.t. Obama.  The WaPo has been losing readers consistently – this is part of the reason why.  People want information; WaPo does not deliver it.

  • I’m confused — the moonbats are usually upset when their guys don’t perform as advertised…

  • I am definitely not part of the “we”.  I ranted and raved about his inexperience and ideology here, elsewhere and on my blog.  Now the damn useful idiots are starting to wake up.  Too damn late, though.

  • Perhaps he should have said they didn’t know how much they were gambling when they elected him.

  • I was certainly against Obama’s candidacy, but I didn’t expect that he would move this fast and this hard to jam our country to the left.

    That said, Broder has been an annoying fool for most of the campaign and since.

  • Obama is a talented con man.  During his campaign he spoke only in generalities and platitudes.  He hid his intentions behind rhetoric and seduced the non thinkers, those who went ga-ga over his very talented speaking ability, but  he gave no particulars.  He never meant what he said, nor said what he meant !
    Now that he is in office and acts like he was anointed “King” , he is laying out the particulars and people are not looking beyond those particulars and understanding his true intentions.  He is intent on replacing the Constitution with a Marxist Socialism.  This is the “change” he intended all along.  The man is a master of “double-speak” and “new speak”. ala Orwell’s 1984. and Huxley’s “Brave New World”.  Obama in my opinion is a traitor to our Country.  He is as distant from our Founding Fathers as was Karl Marx.  As Russia destroyed itself with Marxism, so will America be destroyed if the rush towards Socialism isn’t halted.  We need to elect true Conservatives and do away with neo-conservatism which played footsie with the Democratic/Liberal/ Progressives also truly known as SOCIALISTS !