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Be A Pro, Or Go

Police pick up a 15 year old girl. 15 year old girl gets lippy and calls them “fat pigs”. Police put 15 year old girl in holding cell and tell her to take off her “basketball shoes”. 15 year old girl slips off left one and kicks it toward the officer and it strikes him in the shin.

Watch how “professionally” the officer handles the situation:



Yeah, I know – nobody likes lippy 15 year olds who petulantly kick basketball shoes at them, but then nobody likes policemen who act like this dolt either.


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14 Responses to Be A Pro, Or Go

  • Beating up teenage girls makes you a man. I don’t see the problem here.

  • Looks like the unemployment stats are going to go up by one shortly….

    I’m honstly impressed that the father hasn’t found and brutalized this guy already. Admirable restraint

  • Holy. Crap.

    Shark, I agree.  Amazing restraint…

    I would not be capable of such restraint.

  • I support the police.  99.9% of police would never do something like this to a prisoner.  The other 0.1% should find another line of work.

  • On the bright side, she will probably think twice before she pulls something like that again.

  • Reading the comments on the PI article was interesting.  But it did make me wonder how many of those commenters castigatged Palin for trying to fight the union and thin blue line when trying to get Trooper Wooten dismissed for far more egregious and numerous discipline violations.
    As a former police dept employee (computer clerk) and correctional officer-that booked many intoxicated and belligerant inmates-I say both (Wooten and Schene) should go.  But try to get that past the union first, without a criminal conviction.

  • Arch-

    I support the police. 99.9% of police would never do something like this to a prisoner.

    Without this video evidence, 99.9% of cops who work with the “offending officer” would also deny that these offenses ever occurred.

  • The officer just saved the girl’s future husband(s) a lot of grief, that’s for sure…

  • Fletch said. Without this video evidence, 99.9% of cops who work with the “offending officer” would also deny that these offenses ever occurred.
    I respectfully disagree.  While many will not publicly deny it internally, at the police department, they are ripping the guy.
    More often officers handle it as described in the linked article. 
    “Schene is the second officer from the precinct in three months to face charges. In addition, a third deputy, Brian Bonnar, was acquitted in January of civil rights violations during a trial in U.S. District Court. Bonnar, who patrolled in the precinct, was accused by other deputies of using excessive force on a woman who’d been restrained after a high-speed pursuit.”
    And I think there are parallels to Abu Ghraib.  That investigation was undertaken long before the publicity hit.  Primarily because of internal complaints.  And after it was highly publicized you rarely heard other soldiers publicy criticize it.

  • There are, unfortunately, too many sadists and bullies among the Police.  And for many the only thing that separates them from criminals is the Badge!  We need the Police but not these types.  They need to be weeded out.

  • Any abuse by prosecutors and police is too much.  I don’t think society can abide that blue wall of silence business either.   I’m not a big fan of zero tolerance policies, but here I make an exception.   

  • Good to see his partner was all about restraining him too wasn’t it?  Let’s see, slammed her head against the wall…and what were those two raised arm head shot actions while they had her on the ground.  But hey, she was pretty big, and clearly prepared (by her folding her arms to kick off her shoes) to further resist. 

    Oh yeah, someone has a serious anger problem and I think it were best if he had an opportunity to excercise those demons without benefit of a blue uniform and a badge.  His buddy needs some help too.