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Romney wins CPAC poll

Mitt Romney won the presidential straw poll at CPAC today:

One day after delivering a forceful campaign-style speech to the conference of conservative activists, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney won his third straight CPAC Straw Poll, earning 20 percent of the vote on a ballot that included nine other Republicans who could seek the party’s presidential nomination in 2012.

Romney’s straw poll win at the 2007 Conservative Political Action Conference helped to elevate Romney from a little-known governor to a bona fide presidential frontrunner, and his narrow victory in last year’s straw poll reaffirmed his support among conservative voters. But Romney failed to win the Republican nomination, which was eventually won by Arizona Sen. John McCain.

In the 2009 poll, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal came in second with 14 percent of the vote, while Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and Texas Rep. Ron Paul tied at 13 percent. Jindal and Palin did not attend the conference.

Rounding out the straw poll results were former House speaker Newt Gingrich at 10 percent, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee at seven percent, South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford at four percent, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani at three percent, Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty at two percent, and Florida Gov. Charlie Crist at one percent. Nine percent of poll participants were undecided.

Glad to see the folks at the conference aren’t taking Tax Hike Mike too seriously, though I’m a bit bummed about Mark Sanford’s numbers. I’m surprised to see how well Ron Paul did. I know C4L had a presence at CPAC, looks like it paid off.

Here is a better look at things from CPAC:

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5 Responses to Romney wins CPAC poll

  • Too bad Fred Thompson isn’t on that list…

  • It may be hard to sell Romney as the GOP candidate in ’12 given the current attitude toward business and corporate fatcats in the country.  The dems (spit) and MiniTru have done a thorough job convincing a large fraction of the populace that businessmen are all corrupt, greedy, and incompetent.  Romney’s experience as a businessman would provide perfect grist for their propaganda mill.  Combine this with his “strange” religious beliefs (which MiniTru did a good job disparaging in ’08), and you’ve got a candidate with a pretty big set of negatives to overcome right out of the gate.

    O’ course, it may be that the economy will be in such a shambles by ’12 due to the idiotic policies of TAO that the GOP could run a total fool (as we did in ’08) and he’d win in a walk.

    Speaking of Yosemite Sam, the thing we have GOT to watch out for is letting MiniTru pick our candidate for us, as they did in ’08.  They boosted John McCain as “the Maverick”, a “uniter” who would appeal to the independents, blah-blah-blah.  Then, predictably, as soon as he became the nominee, they tore him apart.  We all saw the loathesome smear campaign they ran against Sarah Palin, and we’re seeing signs of something similiar against Bobby Jindal.  Libs know that they really can’t beat conservatives in the arena of ideas, so they resort to propaganda, smears, and outright lies the instant a potential strong conservative candidate shows up.

    We don’t need to run some democrat-lite candidate who will (allegedly) appeal to people on both sides of the aisle; we need a rock-ribbed conservative like Reagan who can explain why conservatism and especially a smaller government that taxes less and encourages business growth are good for everybody.  Sadly, I don’t think that the GOP itself wants such a candidate.  The party seems to be run by idiots like Yosemite Sam, that mincing fool Graham, and political hacks like McConnell and Boehner who believe that the best policy is to spend and grow government, just not as fast as the democrats (spit).


  • Romney’s popularity is partly McCain remorse:  “We lost, so how much worse could we have done with Romney?”  Also, given it was his third straight win, he’s probably an indicator of popularity among blogging types.

    CPAC was right about one thing.  It would have been far easier for Romney to rip into Washington in general over the economic meltdown than it was for longtime DC-er McCain.  If the economy hasn’t turned around much by 2012, it’ll be possible for a Republican governor to win.  Sanford’s probably my choice out of all of those too.

    It’s time for the GOP to accept that Palin has too much baggage.  Her actual qualities are irrelevant; the picture has been painted.  It would be like running a less-experienced Dan Quayle.

  • Ron Paul is a true conservative and speaks from the heart.  He is a Reagan without the good looks.  It’s too bad the electorate responds to “Hollywood , empty suit” types.  

    Romney is good looking but too stiff and plastic looking.   Jindal suffers from the same problem as Ron Paul.  They both lack good looks.  Some mild plastic surgery would help both if they hope to be elected.  

    Conservatism is right for this country,  but it needs to be presented to the narcissistic public in ways that will appeal to that narcissism.  Conservatives need to disavow the last 8 years of Republican betrayal.  The public today thrives on “repentance,” unfortunately.

    Conservatives need to stop using words like” Democrat”, “Liberal”, “Progressive”; the truth is that they are Socialists, and need to be identified as such, over and over, from now till the next election.  Maybe the “blind” will “see” the truth of devious Left.

    • I’m afraid that you are right about the public being enamored of a pretty face.  I’m also afraid that the libs and MiniTru, having learned just how well they could smear Sarah Palin, will do the same to ANY conservative candidate.  They want the GOP to run closet liberals like Yosemite Sam, knowing that most dems (spit) will never vote for a Republican in any event, and that conservatives will tend to stay home rather than vote for a RINO.

      It worked for them in ’08, so there’s no reason to think they’ll abandon a winning strategy.