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Another nominee with tax issues

Another Obama nominee, Ron Kirk, owes back taxes. Kirk is the designee for United States Trade Representative, a cabinet-level position.

This is the fourth nominee by Obama that has come under scrutiny due to failure to pay taxes.

Need anymore evidence that taxes are too high, the tax code is difficult to understand and the tax system is broken? Look no further than appointees of Barack Obama.

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9 Responses to Another nominee with tax issues

  • You know, I don’t think this can be used as proof that taxes are either too high or too complex.

    It does evidence several different character flaws of the people Obama wants helping him run the country, and like attracts like…

    • Scott Jacobs says: It does evidence several different character flaws ….

      Since when is *not paying armed robbery* considered a character flaw?

  • Another right-wing nutjob blog with Rush Limbaugh infatuation issues.  Give it up wingnuts,you are all done here.  Go home.  And worship you overlord, el Rushbo. 

    The right has officially become a joke.  Go to your rooms, lust after Malkin, and let the adults have their way.

    Oh, by the way, Michael Steele called, he is really sorry.  He insutled Rush. 

    Tax issues?  Like this blog ever cared about convicted criminals Duke Cunningham, Dusty Foggo, Jack Abramoff, etc.  The circle jerk that is the right wing today is a joke.  Just like Rush, fat, stupid, pill-popping, over-indulgent and blowhards.  And that’s your good qualities. 

    • A true troll – he (or she) has no idea what we said about any of the folks he lists, does he?

      Always take boilerplate moonbat nonsense with a grain of salt, especially when they prove, in their own words, how little they know about the site. Of course dude08 now goes into the mkultra category of “easily ignored”.

      • but as troll like as he is the other lefties that frequent here are starting to sound like him.

  • Wow…  He sure has us pegged…

  • These FN Democrats think they are above the law.  They really don’t think that the idiotic laws they support should apply to them. 

    Gingrich knew that this was a problem and knew that this would have resonance with the AMerican people.  The Contract with America:  “FIRST, require all laws that apply to the rest of the country also apply equally to the Congress…”  Republicans need to hammer Democrats with this issue.

  • Dude08 – “where’s my car?”

    Beat it kid.  This is an adult class.

  • Awwwww he’s kinda cute! Sorta like the little kid wandering into the room with the adults and telling them they’re going to go to bed if they don’t stop making so much noise and disturbing his video game play. 

    “Let the adults have their way” – sure kid, let us know when you get a couple.  Right now it’s kids day at the White House and Congress.   I’m betting you’ll be hurling yourself on the floor, holding your breath and flailing your arms and legs a couple of years from now when the real adults finally regain control.