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Our Ironic Foreign Policy

A billion dollars of your tax dollars is on its way to Palestine, 300 million of it earmarked for the Gaza Strip where Hamas still rules:

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on Monday will pledge about $300 million in U.S. humanitarian aid for the war-torn Gaza Strip, plus about $600 million in assistance to the Palestinian Authority, a U.S. official said Sunday.

State Department spokesman Robert A. Wood told reporters traveling with Clinton Sunday that she would announce the donations at an international pledging conference at this Red Sea resort. The conference is seeking money for Gaza and the Palestinian economy.

So thanks to your generosity, Hamas doesn’t have to ante up $300 million to support its own people. Yes, your subsidy will allow them to instead purchase some new munitions and rockets with which to attack Israel.

This is the same Secretary of State who recently was peddling our debt bonds to the Chinese, ostensibly so we could borrow more money to, what, fund Hama’s war on Israel?

Isn’t life ironic?


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5 Responses to Our Ironic Foreign Policy

  • Why, oh why, is a single penny of government money going to these savages?  Crud, never mind.  I expect no less from our idiots in D.C.

  • Well, TAO promised change.  Hope everybody likes it, especially in Haifa and Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

  • And don’t forget the 20 million to resettle refugees from Gaza in the US.  For an Administration who can’t vet its cabinet or advisors properly, who will be among these refugees?

  • Even if they don’t spend OUR money on rockets, they can spend it on building more launch facilities and command centers (schools and hospitals to the lay person) and improve their standing with the average <del>idiot</del> Gaza Palestinian so they can go on winning elections and give good government to them.

  • Ridiculous. 

    These are the same Gazans that razed greenhouses turned over to them, courtesy of Bill Gates, when Israel unilaterally withdrew from Gaza. And now they are getting 900 million? In the middle of a financial crisis? Are we mad?!

    Am I the only one thinking American Isolationism looks pretty attractive, if to only make sure money we don’t have isn’t thrown down the rabbit hole?