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The New “O”

Coming to a bridge abutment near you, uh, someday:

The Big "O"

The Big "O"

Somehow it doesn’t surprise me that the new NRA Eagle is in the shape of an “O”. Jake Tapper reports:

President Obama announced today that his administration will begin stamping an emblem on projects funded by the economic stimulus package so that people can easily recognize the effects of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

All projects will be stamped with the ARRA logo (short for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) and lists the website on the emblem.

The Blue Bird Of Happiness

The Blue Bird Of Happiness

There truly is nothing new under the sun – just uglier.

And if the new “O” hasn’t made you slightly nauseous, try the new “Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery”, or TIGER logo on for size.

From Disney World To Vegas

From Disney World To Vegas

One thing you can say for these folks, from the “Office of the President Elect” to “TIGER”, they have the trite sign deficit licked.


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23 Responses to The New “O”

  • Hubris?  Nah

  • I had heard that the administration was picking up all the slack with the thousands of laid off newspaper industry employees, but hadn’t figured out what they were doing (other than write PR for the president, which required no cross training whatsoever from their previous jobs). Still, that left all the graphic design professionals looking for work to keep them busy. Now, as Orwell can attest, there’s plenty of busywork for sign makers in Obama’s New Nation.

  • Don’t fret.  Soon after the failure, anything with this stamp on it will become collector’s items.

    Think Berlin Wall, or Nazi memorabalia.

    My advice… whenever you see this, carve it out of the structure and hide it in your basement.  It’ll be worth a fortune later.


    • If I see some missing ones then I know who has them 🙂

      Keep that investment, son, someday you will be a millionaire.

  • Looks like the wheels of capitalism are still being oiled by the blood of the workers in the lower right-hand corner…

  • At the same time we’ve got this “stimulous” crap going on, people I know contracting on security/counter terrorism/vulnerability and energy related classified government contracts are still waiting for the DOE to get their heads out of their asses and fund the contracts that will keep their people employed.

    Is this just normal government ineptitude, or something special having to do with new management?     A person can’t even ask the *question*… because it’s classified.    ARGH.

    • I have a brother in law who got one of those security/counterterrorism/vulnerability contracts a few years back. He was funded, but they wouldn’t give him the classified data he needed.  Paid for doing nothing, in other words. Ineptitude is eternal and nonpasrtisan.

  • How much did the logo design cost?


  • The design motifs seem to include (1) the flag, (2) agriculture, and (3) machinery. That’s fine… for the 1930s. I’d bet they built that logo on a computer. How about some love for the electronic/computer revolutions that’ve taken place in the last 30-40 years? I think they’re well-established, and not going to disappear anytime soon.

    • I think a 1930’s theme might be appropriate.  Lord knows their economic policies ,  class warfare , and statism are reminiscent of that era.

  • Well, it’s snazzier than George H.W.’s “Thousand Points of Light Community” signs.  Not as hip as a Shepard Fairey rip-off composition.  Pretty bland by President O’s standards.

  • At least they’re still giving a token nod to the American Flag. I fully expect the next  silly symbol to have the hammer and sickle.

    One thing Obama is good at is destroying the dignity of the office.

    • gear=hammer (industry)

      • This just hit me.  I was off reading Michelle Malkin when the last checker fell into place in my mental “Connect Four.”  This is the hammer and sickle, in effect.

        I have to be honest here.  I’m no fan of Obama, but I refused to believe that the man was destined to become a one-man wrecking crew.  “By their deeds you shall know them” or so someone once said.  Now, I’m more than just a little worried that our President may be as big a socialist and radical as some of the more fringey types have been saying.  This seal is pretty d@mn blatant.

        I mean, it can’t just be a coincidence, can it?

        • Gear/hammer or leaves/sickle, it’s still a workers and peasants thing. He is the Vanguard of the Proletariat.

  • The good thing about having these plastered all over is at least Biden will have that website number handy in the future.

  • Seems the Obama budget has $1.5 trillion savings by not having 10 more years of the Iraqi “Surge” .. something that even Bush hadn’t planned on. With accounting like this, you too can be a trillionaire.

    • I’ve got some bad news for you.  It’s increasingly looking like we’ll all be trillionaires soon.

      Which will be pretty convenient when a jug of milk costs $4 Billion.

  • The word that is always missing from discussions of the recovery plan is “net”, as in “net jobs”.  

    Remember, the government has no money except for that which it has extracted from the private sector.  When the government extracts $800 billion from the private sector, it essentially destroys all those jobs which that $800 billion would have created had it remained in the private sector.

    The federal government is historically and notoriously inefficient.  With $800 billion in its coffers, there is no possible way that the federal government can procure more goods and services than the same $800 billion would have procurred in the private sector.  I refer to this phenomenon as the “degraded purchasing power of the federal dollar”.   The phenomenon exists because public entities have a duty to bureaucratic empires, while private entities have a duty to the “bottom line”.

    The degraded purchasing power of the federal dollar means only one possible outcome from the Stimulus Plan: the destruction of wealth and the jobs that wealth would have created.  The “net” jobs created by the Stimulus Plan will be negative.

    The prospects of reversing the Stimulus Plan are so small as to be nearly zero.  But if there is any hope at all, my view is that it will only be done by continually asking about the “net” jobs.  Net, net, net.

    —Tom Nally, New Orleans

    • Another word(s) that never seems to make it outside the classroom is ‘opportunity cost’, which you describe. Obviously an Ivy League education is not all it is rumored to be.

  • That TIGER logo. IS the comment DisneyWorld to Las Vegas part of it? If so, it indicates a lot bigger project than previously disclosed since DisneyWorld is in Florida, rather than the California Disneyland.