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Ending the “I Want Obama To Fail” Kerfuffle

Patterico does it by producing a 2006 poll:


The difference, of course, is instead of 51% of Democrats telling a polling company they wanted Bush to fail, an influential conservative came right out and said it about Obama.

The point for the left? You can quite pretending you’re witnessing something never seen before and climb on down from the throne of self-righteousness to your usual seat on the stool of hypocrisy (dissent no longer being the “highest form of patriotism).


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11 Responses to Ending the “I Want Obama To Fail” Kerfuffle

  • I guess hypocrisy is now the highest form of patriotism…

  • So leftists are lying hypocrites.  Who knew?

    Well, actually everyone did 🙂

  • I want Obama to fail tin his attempt to re-create the United States into something less Jeffersonian and more Alinskyesque. If, however, Obama were suddenly to be struck blind on the road to Damascus and emerge with his vision restored and saying things like, “What was I thinking? Socialism sucks! Let’s legalize freedom!” then he would have both my support and gratitude.

    • Obama on the road to Damascus seems entirely appropriate, no?  Probably with a letter of apology.

  • You’re assuming ‘progressive’ pundits pay attention to history, contrary evidence, and have a shred of intellectual integrity.  Most of them don’t. 

  • This is exactly what angers me the most.  Average Democrats are lying hypocrites.  I can handle Obama being a liar much more than I can my neighbor.  They wanted Bush to fail from the moment Florida tallied its initial vote in November 2000.  Today, Tom Maguire blogged about another poll from 2007, that specifically asked people this question about the surge: “Do you personally want the Iraq plan President Bush announced last week to succeed?”  34% of Democrats said “no” and 15% said they didn’t know if they wanted it to succeed.   Democrats don’t have a leg to stand on but it doesn’t matter because, on average, their heads are about a foot and a half up their posteriors. 

    • This troll’s nonsensical response is exactly why none of this matters.  The blog post responds with an idiotic non sequitur that because the poll question was a yes or no question, it somehow invalidates McQ’s point.  It doesn’t.  If Democrats hadn’t wanted Bush to fail, they could have said yes.  They could have answered “I don’t know”.  Despite those obvious facts, 51% answered affirmatively when they were asked if they wanted Bush to fail.  The idiot also calls it “a question cast in highly loaded language by a Bush-friendly news organization.”  No, it’s a really simple question that anyone with a double digit IQ could easily answer.  She then puts up quotes from other Republicans.  Well, to use her same argument, every single one of the quotes she lists is in reference to the Limbaugh quote.  They didn’t spontaneously say they wanted him to fail.  I’m not really sure what difference it makes but that is her “loaded language” argument.   As for liberals wanting Bush to fail, see Harry Reid’s declaration that the surge had failed before it started, see David Letterman’s claim that he didn’t know if he wanted us to win in Iraq, etc., etc.

      Liberals will never be self aware, they will always be angry and they will always rationalize their inconsistencies.

      • I meant to say: “Despite those obvious facts, 51% answered negatively when they were asked if they wanted Bush to succeed.”

  • Failure for Obama, no matter how much more preferable it will be for the country than if he succeeds, will still carry daunting costs, as would any extended failed leadership. So I certainly don’t want Obama to fail: I’d much prefer if he just found an excuse to resign.

    Or, with all this stress he’s said to be under, perhaps a 24-month hospitalization for the old “nervous exhaustion” would be a good compromise exit strategy.

    It’s entirely up to Obama of course. I don’t think that not having a clue about how to do the job is any sort of a high crime or misdemeanor.

    I was once as smart as Obama, when I was about 21, so I know how difficult this is for him.