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Of Course, You Can’t Believe A Thing The Senate Republicans Say

They yelled, they screamed, they hopped up and down on one leg and told us how bad this 410 billion dollar spending bill was and how it was “business as usual’ (something they should certainly know about) that increased the spending level 8% and was full of 9,000 earmarks. And they condemned the Democrats and said they were spending the country into bankruptcy. They claimed that the best way to continue the spending was to keep it at this year’s level and that would save 250 billion dollars.

In the end, 8 Republican senators voted for the bill. That’s right, 8. Specter and Snowe were consistent – they’ve never seen an outlandish and wasteful, pork packed, deficit-funded spending bill they didn’t like.

Who else joined them? Why Mississippi Sens. Thad Cochran and Roger Wicker; Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby; Tennessee Sen. Lamar Alexander; Missouri Sen. Kit Bond and Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski. The cloture vote passed handily even with three Democratic senators voting against it.

So what do we get for the debt?

All kinds of goodies:

$1.8 million for “Swine Odor and Manure Management Research.”
$200,000 for “Tattoo Removal Violence Prevention Outreach Program” to get rid of gang tattoos.
$75,000 for the “Totally Teen Zone” that encourages teenagers to play Wii and X-Box, listen to a DJ, and eat at a snack booth.
$473,000 National Council of LaRaza.
$400,000 “to combat bullying.”
$50,000 for midnight basketball through the “At the Park After Dark” program in Los Angeles.
$5.8 Million for the “Ted Kennedy Institute for the Senate… for the planning and design of a building and an endowment.”
$1.762 Million for “Honey Bee lab” research.
$215,000 for PhD’s to learn to write press releases. It funds a program at “Stony Brook University to teach scientists how to communicate with press.”
$1.5 Million for the scandal-ridden Alaska Sea Life Center to study seals.
$250,000 for Maine Lobster research earmarks.
$2 million for “the promotion of astronomy in Hawaii.”
Senator Reid earmark to make “Nevada eligible for the Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund.”
$4.4 million for “Center for Grape Genetics” & “Center for Advanced Viticulture and Tree Crop Research”
$657,000 for “Brown Tree Snake Management in Guam”
$480,000 for “Urban Horticulture”
$1.75 million for “Mammoth Springs National Fish Hatchery, complete visitor center.”

Per the Heritage Foundation, when combined with the trillion dollar stimulus bill, Congress has just increased discretionary spending by 80% in one year.

And they advise us that more trillion dollar deficits and possibly more stimulus is on the way.

But don’t worry about inflation, they have everything under control.

Don’t worry about transparency either. Mr. “The Public Will Have 5 Days To Look At The Bill Online” Obama plans on signing the bill tomorrow. The man who dishonestly characterized this bill as “the last administration’s business” as an excuse to duck his campaign promise of no earmarks, will again duck his campaign promise of legislative transparency.

Best government ever.


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8 Responses to Of Course, You Can’t Believe A Thing The Senate Republicans Say

  • Lamar is getting pretty old, and I think his technocratic side has taken over. He seems much more interested in pleasing Beltway insiders at this point than the people of Tennessee, and I’m guessing this vote indicates that he doesn’t think he’ll be facing those voters again.

  • I can’t think of a single Pacific Coastal salmon that swims all the way into Nevada.

    Is the 400 grand to combat bullying lunch money?

  • A f**king “Greek tragedy” Edward Gibbon could put a trillion+ words to this…

  • As an example of the “Law of Unintended Consequences,” I was thinking that there must be a golden opportunity to organize a “Campaign Workers Union” using “card check”.

    With features like “forced arbitration” settlements, I’m sure that each and every Congress-critter will be happy to have all their campaign workers join the union and have their purse string controlled by an outside arbitrator.

    Another “pimping good” opportunity might be a “Social Providers Union” based on the Michael Keaton movie “Night Shift“.

  • Rope.  Tree.  Skittish horse.  Member of Congress.

    Some assembly required.

  • In the best of times earmarks and bloated budgets are idiotic.  However, when you are spending money you don’t have and don’t have a prayer of ever paying it back, that is just, well, it’s, um, man! I can’t even think of a bad enough word!

    And it does seem the longer politicians stay in Washington, the more they degenerate into tax & spendaholics.  It doesn’t matter if there is an R of a D after their name.

    So, when can we expect hyperinflation to start?