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The False Premise of “Properly” Spent “Stimulus” Money

President Obama and VP Biden are going to be watching you:

Obama and Biden both gave stern warnings yesterday about misuse of stimulus funds. “If we see money being misspent, we’re going to put a stop to it,” Obama told a gathering of state officials at the White House. How? Obama says “we will call it out and we will publicize it.” Biden, meanwhile, scolded: “If we don’t get this right, folks, this is the end of the opportunity to convince Congress that anything should go to the states.”

Of course, these were words spoken to representatives of states getting “stimulus” money.

Lost in the shuffle is the fact that there is no one to shout “BS” to the whole scheme and declare it all “misspent” money. A $787 billion dollar social spending scheme isn’t money “misspent?” Hah!

But other than that, I think Earl Devaney provides us with the ground truth about this upcoming spending debacle:

The chief watchdog for spending from the $787 billion stimulus package says it’s guaranteed there will be waste and fraud.

Earl Devaney, tapped by President Obama to track the giant spending plan, also said it will be at least a year before the government gets, the Web site the administration has touted as a key part of its transparency, up and running properly.

“I’m afraid that there may be a naive impression that given the amount of transparency and accountability called for by this act, no or little fraud will occur.

A “naive impression?”

Heh … nah, you don’t say?

The word “naive” seems to describe a lot of what is going on right now with the Obama administration.


5 Responses to The False Premise of “Properly” Spent “Stimulus” Money

  • Isnt “naive” sort of the defacto standard from people who actually believe in socialist policies? Nothing except naive could even explain how divorced and ignorant of reality and history such people are.

  • Umm…like the 1980’s Grace Commission? (40% of government spending is waste/fraud)

  • Why is it that the GOP can burn through a trillion dollar surplus and throw umpteen billions at a war, but when the Democrats spend a dime they’re ridiculed like they are drunken sailors on shore leave? Where was all this criticism of mindless spending during the first 6 years of the Bush administration when Frist and Del Lay, stalwarts both in the “Conservative” movement, where in total control of the government? The denial of the past is remarkable to say the least.

    • Well, perhaps if you had been around here enough, you would have noticed all the time the posters and commenters on this site criticized Bush and the Republicans for overspending.

      But since you have not, let me make the idea clear: we don’t like big government and big spending, no matter which party is nominally causing it.

      One area that we think government is justified in spending money is national defense. That’s a primary Constitutional responsibility, unlike, say, funding low cost mortgages for people who can’t pay them back.  

      Iraq was a messy issue without a clear-cut, black and white answer, and many of the folks around here came to the reluctant conclusion that it was necessary.

  • Wheren’t these the same people chastising Republicans for going after Katrina Victims misspending their money on vacations and Flat Screened TV’s?