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20/20 and Reason: “Bailouts & Bull”

Last night’s episode of 20/20 was one of the best I’ve ever seen. John Stossel took on several topics, such as taxpayer-funded bailouts, transportation, medicinal marijuana, universal pre-kindergarten and immigration. Many of the segments are based on and include footage from The Drew Carey Project from Reason TV. Stossel also interviews Drew Carey in some of the segments.

The they are six videos (five below the cut). The first one deals with bailouts. Stossel talks to 18 economists about why the “stimulus” was a bad idea. He asks House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer if debt got us into this recession, then why is creating more debt going to get us out? One economist says that one dollar taken out of the economy is one less dollar to be spent in the private sector.

The second video deals with transportation, and actually starts off in Atlanta (my hometown), and is based on this video from Reason TV. It highlights private toll roads built in Orange County, California, Paris, Chicago and Indiana.

This segment is on medicinal marijuana and Charlie Lynch and is based on this Reason TV video. Lynch owned a medicinal marijuana dispensary in California, which is legal under state law. He was arrested by DEA agents for helping sick people and is now awaiting sentencing, up to a hundred years in jail.

This is the segment on universal pre-kindergarten, a promise made by Barack Obama during his campaign. It’s based in part on this Reason TV video.

Here’s the segment on immigration, which is based on a Reason TV video. Stossel shows how the gate is useless because illegal immigrants still manage to get around it, either by climbing over it or cutting holes in it. Stossel talks to both Duncan Hunter and his son, Duncan Hunter, Jr., about why it is necessary. The younger Hunter asks Stossel, “What is it worth to the American people to not have another 9/11?” Stossel says the fence wouldn’t have stopped 9/11 (the 9/11 hijackers came in the country legally). Hunter says, “It may stop the next 9/11.” Gotta love the fear mongering.

Here’s the final segment of the episode. It talks about how easy it is to make it in American if you live within your means and is based on this Reason TV video.

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11 Responses to 20/20 and Reason: “Bailouts & Bull”

  • if debt got us into this recession, then why is creating more debt going to get us out

    Um, because Professor Erb told me so? Duh. Haven’t you been keeping up?

  • Jason, the fence is a necessary but not sufficient component of stopping illegal immigration. The other necessary components are “No ability to engage in business (employment, buying a house, etc.)  without proof of legal status” and “No welfare without proof of legal status.” E-Verify will go a long way on both of those.

  • I found out about this episode of 20/20 on Hannity but for some reason it didn’t air until 4A.M. instead of 10P.M. as advertised.

    I especially like the compare contrast between the lady who wrote the Nickel and Dime book and the guy who took 25 bucks to Charleston SC and started out in a homeless shelter and worked his way up to owning a vehicle and getting an apartment.

    I really wish liberals would quit telling the poor and minorities of this country that they are “victims” of “the man”.  If these so called “victims” would put as much effort into improving their situation as they do in to trying to link every obstacle they face with discrimination or some conspiracy that the rich wants them to stay poor then there wouldn’t be a poverty issue for the gov’t to try and fix.

  • There’s a discussion at my name’s link of some of the things wrong with what was in his pre-show description. I haven’t watched it yet, but if he did in fact say there’s no evidence that the fence works that’s a blatant lie: apprehensions plummeted in the S.D. area as a direct result of the fence. In his discussion of 9/11, he showed why lib hacks shouldn’t be put in charge of our security: because they came here legally doesn’t mean those planning future attacks would do the same, especially since we’ve (somewhat) tightened the rules that they used to come here before 9/11. Stossel is probably completely unaware of the various government documents discussing the grown-up topics of how terrorists could come here.

  • John Stossel always seems obnoxious and crass to me, but I suppose that a certain irritating character is necessary to tack so sharply against popular convention.  I only wonder if anyone at gave the program some thought or if those who agreed simply continued to agree and the people who disagreed likewise continued to disagree.  I doubt that there was enough honey in what he said to persuade anyone in the opposition category.

    I’ve just realized that I can’t remember anything of what Maxine Waters said or even her ostensible point.  I’ll grant that she was interviewed at any great depth or length, but I suppose that she said nothing at all of interest or merit.  Oh, how shocking.

  • The segment on Pre-K “education” is NOT about education; it is about  indoctrination.  The  female interviewee voiced this when she said how more Socialistically  aware the  youngsters will be!  

    It’s time we all wake up to what the far left Judicial, Legislative, and now Executive ideologues are intending.  They want to replace Americanism with Socialism.  They have no right to do this.  They swore to uphold the Constitution not destroy or replace it.  They are using the Rights of the Constitution to  do away with it.  I think they should all face impeachment or at the least be recalled from office.   Now more than ever  are term limits necessary. 

    An ignorant Majority  proves that Democracy has a very dangerous downside.  Snake-oil Con men easily manipulate them as we’ve been seeing more and more.

    Aristotle warned thousands of years ago: ” Republics degenerate into Democracies and Democracies degenerate into Despotisms”.  Our population now is held in total disregard.  Our despotic Government assumes we exist for it and not the other way around.

  • >>The segment on Pre-K “education” is NOT about education; it is about  indoctrination.>>

    Bingo.  Right along with “every citizen deserves a college education”.  Look at the socialistic indoctrination centers our colleges and universities have become!  What happens when everybody has a college education…think those garbage bins are going to just hop into the trucks themselves?  Think your garden will weed itself, or the grass will cut itself???  How about the local butcher – unionized or not – think he’ll still want to be cutting up meat???  How successful do you think he’ll be in college in the first place?  We can’t even get them all through highschool – how are you going to get them through another 4-5 years of schooling???

    • Erb made it through college. Everybody can make it through some program if they’re willing to work hard and/or check logic and values at the door.  But many or most don’t need it to be gainfully employed and lead fulfilling lives.

    • Just think how much better our ditches would be if our ditch diggers were college graduates.  

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