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Constitution? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Constitution!

As the Senate takes up its version of the violation of Article 1, Section 9 of the Constitution, also known as the bill to tax the hell out of the AIG bonuses, one note of sanity sounds through. Sen. John Kyl:

“I don’t believe that Congress should rush to pass yet another piece of hastily crafted legislation in this very toxic atmosphere, at least without understanding the facts and the potential unintended consequences,” he said.

“Frankly, I think that’s how we got into the current mess,” he added.

Heh … ya think?

Not that it matters – this will most likely pass the Senate as well and be signed into law by “Constitutional Law Professor” and President Barack Obama, but when it ends up in court and is declared unconstitutional, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. The Constitution always takes a back seat to populism and CYA.


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  • Old message from the Left: “Bush is shredding the Constitution!”

    New message from the Left: “Obama is doing a wunnerful job!”

  • Is this an ‘ex post facto’ law?

    • Nah, guess it’s one of the administritive exceptions. 

      Let me be clear, I don’t think the bastards should have gotten a bonus for their slipshod operations.  But that should have been stopped up front, not after the fact by a bunch of bozo’s who first said it was ‘okay’ and then started mouthing off like Inspector Renault.

    • In the US, the prohibition of ex post facto laws has only been applied to criminal laws.  The retroactive de facto bill of attainder, however, is a well-established loophole with a long and glorious tradition…  /vizzini

  • What was that first rule regarding holes?

    This economy is Obama’s Vietnam.  After six years of “Iraq is a quagmire” we’re seeing the Dems in congress and Obama bungle things, dig themselves deeper, and bungle some more.

  • I have been following Jon Kyl for years. He is one of the most powerful, most respected members of the US Senate. Nobody has ever heard of him because he likes it that way.

  • There are rumours that responding to the House action, workers at AIG, who were supposed to receive “retention bonuses”, are now threatening to quit and let AIG fail, sending it along with it the $100+ billion the US invested in the crapper.

    I hope everybody in Washington is feeling better now.

  • An interesting point made on XKCD:

    And a Fox Business article regarding the point Neo raises can be found here.

  • Ah yes, given their salaries and bonus’s I’m not surprised they’d perceive themselves to be irreplaceable.
    Let em walk, maybe Bear Stearns will…..


  • Just FYI, 85 House Republicans voted for it while 87 voted no.  That’s almost half.

    Even Eric Cantor; you remember him right, the House Minority Whip who also voted for the first bailout in September?  Yes, even Eric Cantor (along with the rest of the Congressional delegation from Virginia) and 84 of his Republican pals voted for this clearly unconstitutional bill.  Looks like half of the Republicans in the House finally found a huge tax hike they can get behind.

    Public pressure v. principle…  Well, the Republicans, like the Democrats, have never really been any good with that battle.


    • Don’t care. It’s wrong. And the Democrats set the legislative agenda.

      • Yes, not caring.  That’s surely the best way to get the Republicans back to conservative governing, fiscal responsibility, and being true to the Constitution of the United States.

        You keep up the good work, McQ.  And get those nasty Democrats.


        • I only get to vote for my Rep, he voted NO.   I suppose you’ll want to dun him for not sticking it to those bastards who were going to get their bonuses.  Rock/Hard place.   Personally I prefer the stance he took.  The Dems didn’t NEED those votes to pass their cover up tax law.

          But make no mistake it was the Dems who built the card house on this one.   Dems, and three idiot Republicans, from the hidden closed door porkulus meeting all the way up to the Oval office.  By all means, we should absolutely be in favor of the Dems.


        • “They’re wrong” encompasses anyone who voted for it, Pogue.


          Don’t care if they’re Republican or Democrat. However, as noted, it is the Democrats who decide what does or doesn’t get to the floor. So they get a dollop more of the blame.

          It’s a language thing, I know. And language has never been your strongest suit.


    • While I don’t disagree with you on your basic point, Pogue, you seem to be missing the main thrust.  It wouldn’t have mattered if every Republican voted against the bill (as with the “stimulus” bill), it was still going to pass.  I agree that we should skewer those who voted for this monstrosity (and I will, as I always do), but it’s the Democrats who not only set the agenda.  They don’t need a single Republican vote to run this country straight into the ground.

  • Heh, and now Harry Reid wants to make sure the provisions against using funds in casino’s is, um, fixed.  You see, many non profits just HAVE to use casino locations for their activites.  I’m surprised amongst the other listings he didn’t include “gamblers anonymous” as one of the non profs that might HAVE to use a casino to hold their meetings.   

    Yeah, Harry, we understand ALL about it. 

  • I suppose you’ll want to dun him for not sticking it to those bastards who were going to get their bonuses.

    Whatever gives you that idea?  looker, remember what I told you about pulling things right out of your ass?  Remember?  About how most often it’s sh!t?  Remember?

    The Dems didn’t NEED those votes to pass their cover up tax law.

    Is this supposed to excuse Republicans?  looker, remember your mother telling you the idiom about how if your friend jumps off a cliff?  Remember?  About how you don’t have to do it just because he did?  Remember?

    Besides, if I recall from a story I read yesterday, isn’t there something about the House needing 2/3 of the votes to pass it so quickly or something.  So in order to pass it so quickly, they actually NEEDED those 85 Republicans.  I could be wrong though.  So I write that with caution.


  • Besides, if I recall from a story I read yesterday, isn’t there something about the House needing 2/3 of the votes to pass it so quickly or something. 

    Without a link or source, one would be inclined to say you’re just pulling this right out of your ass….and only moments after you chided someone else for doing the same thing.

    Unintentional humor at its best.

    • Why did you leave out, “I could be wrong.  So I write that with caution.”  Hmm… Why?

      It would also help you if I were actually wrong.  But I’m not.  See “suspension of the rules.”

      You totally suck at this.  You remind me of The Simpsons’ “Sideshow Bob.”  Always stepping on garden rakes that smack you in the face with those big clown feet.