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Quote Of The Day

Australian and acknowledged counter-insurgency expert David Kilcullen answering a question about the Iraqi surge in an interview with the Washington Post:

Our biggest problem during the surge was a hostile American Congress.

Of course the very same people in Congress who were the “biggest problem during the surge” are all about peace, love and getting along together now.

Sow. Reap.

One Response to Quote Of The Day

  • You know, I think some Republican, a la Harry Reid, should go to a mike somewhere and make a similar comment (“The war in Iraq is lost…”) to the maladministration of The Clown™.


    Question: Senator, what is your view of President Obama’s conduct in office.

    Answer: I am glad you asked me that, Bob. I am sorry to say this, but I think it is clear each passing day that this President had failed. He has plainly failed. He is in over his head, and it is clear that he was not qualified to be President. Now we are stuck with his failed leadership for the next three plus years. This country is in serious economic trouble, and now we go to the helm and find Howdy Doody driving the ship of state. It is a train wreck in the making. Democrats and Republicans need to come together quickly if we are not going to head down a road to fiscal disaster under this President. He is this country’s ruination.