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TOTUS Goes Incognito – Sort Of …

This is becoming funny:

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3 Responses to TOTUS Goes Incognito – Sort Of …

  • Given the speed at which information cycles in society now, we appear to be entering an era in which defining narratives for people, events, and concepts are created in days or weeks rather than months or years.

    This can work for or against either political party, or against both. And, while the Sarah Palin episode shows that the narrative can sometimes be manipulated, no one definitively controls it.

    Once it gets established, it’s very very hard to change. Obama’s teleprompter dependence, his stumble tongued efforts when he doesn’t have it, his continuing nomination debacles, his choosing of tax cheats as nominees, all operating against a backdrop of fear and uncertainty, are coalesing in a bad way for him.

    He needs time for something good to happen (whether or not his policies led to it), and he doesn’t have much of it. If we go through one more down cycle in the stock market, and/or housing takes another dip, in the popular mind it’s solidly on his watch, and he gets the blame. Given the lags in the economy, that’s not totally fair, but his socialist, redistributionist, retributionist agenda certainly accounts for part of it.

    If the result is that his absurdly named Employee Free Choice Act, his complete federalization of healthcare, and his other socialist impulses get stalled, then I’m not going to sweat another round of bad economic news. Absent turning us into a banana republic, a downturn is temporary, while Obama’s collectivization of the economy will likely be permanent, and thereby a permanent drag on freedom and prosperity.

  • “Vanity of vanities…all is vanity”.

  • When will we have a “Bruce Almighty” momemt?