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Great speech at the EU Parliament

Someone bring Daniel Hannan to the United States:

10 Responses to Great speech at the EU Parliament

  • A powerful speech, but it seems more directed at Great Britain and Gordon Brown than the EU. 

  • Where was his teleprompter?

  • I love this guy – I watched 5 or 6 other speeches of his and he seems to get the idea ‘gov’t is not the answer’.

  • British politicians often seem articulate and at home with their language.  American politicians, by comparison, generally seem to be lesser orators than freshman at a public university.  They sometimes seems less knowledgeable too.  Maxine Waters, incidentally, embodies both of these faults.

    • Yes, he certainly is articulate. Just think, if he had had the benefit of a Harvard education he might be as articulate as Obama.

  • Maxine Waters is the epitome of what’s wrong with our election process!

    • Corine Brown will give Maxine a run for her money any day.  Find her on youtube where she ‘gradulates’ the Florida Gator for winning the BCS.  How that woman is an elected representative is beyond me….

  • There is just something about a royal reaming done by a guy with perfect diction and a British accent!  It is a marvelous thing to behold.

  • It’s not ironic to me that this young Parliamentarian would appear on the screen at this time. For the time is right and he has had the foresight of observing and learning from many wise conservatives and libertarians before him like Dr. Paul. His message is clear and succinct and it has helped to remind us of who we are. Ron Paul’s demons are the same ones that have been tormenting all of us in this country for decades. Maybe now we will start to realize it and take the action only we can do to save ourselves. <!– @page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } –>