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The Third Best Thing A Man Can Hear His Wife Say

“You know, we should buy a gun.”

True story. I’ll leave it to you all what numbers one and two are.

11 Responses to The Third Best Thing A Man Can Hear His Wife Say

  • As our current VP said Are you joking? Is this a joke?
    I’ve had a gun practically forever and buy them like she buys material for quilts. I don’t need  and would not seek permission.

    • I grew up in a home with guns in it, unlocked in the closet or stuffed under my parents matress. I buy guns as I wish, but the “honey we need a gun” statement is still a good sign coming from the wife (although late if it comes up now, given the current market . . . )

      Another good sign would be for the wife to suggest team (pair) tactical training . . .

  • 1. yes
    2. ok

  • Yes is before you are married, so she is not your wife yet.

    my entry:
    1. “That was fun!”
    2.”The kids are at mom’s house tonight.”

  • Hmmm, number 3. Where then do the following rank?

    Honey, I’m feeling frisky tonight.
    Honey, I [am / am not] pregnant
    Honey, I just won the lottery
    Honey, I invited [insert dream girl] over for a threesome tonight. That’s her now. Oh look. She brought friends.
    Honey, my uncle died and left us a brewery.
    And so on…

  • The best thing each of my first 2 wives said to me was, “We need a divorce.”

    I choose to not remember any 2nd best things.

  • The funny thing about it is that neither of us are uncomfortable around guns, but neither one of us has ever owned one.  I’ve shot plenty of different types of guns, and always enjoyed doing it.  My wife was actually in Army ROTC for awhile in college and trained on an M-16.  But we’ve never really seriously considered getting one, and after our kids were born pretty much put whatever desire we had to own one on hold.  Then, out of the blue, she blurts that out last night.

    • What were you doing when she just blurted it out?  LOL!  Better check with her again.

  • Honey, I just won the lottery

    My wife called me the other day.

    “Pack your bags, Honey!  I just won the Lottery!”

    I asked,”Should I pack for warm weather or cold weather?”

    She said, “I don’t care, as long as you’re gone when I get home.”

  • I don’t know about best, but the rarest is: Honey, you’re right.