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Darkened Cities For ‘Enlightened’ People

Oh, good – another meaningless, feel-good effort in which to participate (or not):

EARTH HOUR is about to sweep around the world in what the United Nations is calling “the largest demonstration of public concern about climate change ever attempted”.

The event, which started in Sydney two years ago, will see well over 3000 cities and towns in more than 90 countries switch off their lights for an hour this year. Hundreds of millions of people are expected to take part.

From the international dateline, Earth Hour starts in New Zealand’s Chatham Islands this afternoon and will conclude in Honolulu tomorrow night (Sydney time).

In between, tens of millions of houses and public buildings will dim their lights to call for an effective global deal to cut greenhouse gas emissions. More than 10,000 street parties are planned. Sydney’s turn comes at 8.30 tonight.

Sounds like a lot of fun – partying in the dark I mean.

Frankly I like James Taranto’s idea from yesterday better:

Reader, if you are against global-warming hysteria, high taxes, socialized medicine and a weak foreign policy, Sunday is your day. Show how you feel about the issues by turning on your lights in the evening and leaving them on until you go to bed. If you go out for a drive after dark, make sure you turn your headlights on too.

Granted, the EarthHour people have a head start on us. They started planning this months ago, whereas we’re giving you all of 48 hours notice. Yet we think the outlook is bright for this effort. Tell your friends, tell them to tell their friends, and so on, and we’ll bet millions of people across the country will turn their lights on Sunday night.

If no one will listen to the silent majority, let’s at least make sure they see us.



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25 Responses to Darkened Cities For ‘Enlightened’ People

  • Personally, I plan on turning on the Christmas lights.  Between the sheer power consumption involved, and everybody else being stupid, I figure the guys on the space station or be able to draw a bead on my house without too much problem.  The reaction should be noteworthy.

  • The Tim Blair commentariat (of which I am a proud member) will once again be celebrating the Hour of Power.

  • I had Taranto beat by several months.

    From last August.

  • Hell, I did the smae thing LAST year.  This year, I’m even turning on the bathroom venting fans, the light in the oven, and running the microwave for and hour.

    God Damn hippies…

  • In certain countries, it’s “Earth Hour” every night.

    How f**king stupid.  Lets show our concern by emulating poor and undeveloped countries for 1 hour.

  • I’ll  tip my hat by turning off all our lights from about 11pm to 7am.  It’s a sacrifice, but I want to stop this insidious global warming and the 3-6″ of snow falling in eastern Iowa right now.  

  • Personally, I counter-protest – and encourage warming here in the upper midwest – by running my SUV all night and burning tires in the backyard.

  • Wow, you people are lame.   Let’s all waste energy to show those “God damned hippies” a lesson.

    How is that any different from the average American’s daily routine–wasting energy every hour, of every day. 

    Why not stand for a real cause?  Maybe the environment isn’t your thing… but surely something gives you charge to stand and say “I live, and this matters to me.” 

    I pity you, not because you aren’t “hippies,” but rather because you are victims of rampant consumerism-turned-false-patriotism; because you lack the moral notion or reasoning abilities to live up to what you can be, rather than the minimum self you are legally allowed to be; and mostly because you seek some sense of recognition and justification for your self-righteousness in the guise of mocking others.

    • We do have a cause, it is a very important one. Defeating people like you.  You see, individual rights and personal responsibility should never be sacrificed because some brain dead dolts have fallen for a sky is falling scare hoax.

    • SusanneI pity you, not because you aren’t “hippies,” but rather because you are victims of rampant consumerism-turned-false-patriotism; because you lack the moral notion or reasoning abilities to live up to what you can be, rather than the minimum self you are legally allowed to be; and mostly because you seek some sense of recognition and justification for your self-righteousness in the guise of mocking others.

      There are so many problems with this statement, I’m not sure where to start.

      “Consumerism-turned-false-patriotism” – I would ask what that means, but I doubt that you really understand it yourself.  I certainly don’t understand where you got the idea that those of us who mock this ridiculous “Earth hour” stunt somehow think that we are acting out of patriotism or even consumerism.  Rather, we know that we have a good life due to technology, and we intend to enjoy it.

      “Lack the moral notions or reasoning ability to live up to what you can be…” – Once again, I doubt you understand this statement yourself, but we on the right (I include libertarians for the purposes of this issue) stand PRECISELY for people “living up to what they can be”.  That includes enjoying the fruits of their labors when and how they please and NOT bowing to some goofy, collectivist, cultist impulse to join the herd in its belief in junk science and deny ourselves and our families the benefits of our advanced society, even for an hour.  Further, our “moral notions” are quite well-developed: they allow us to reject false feelings of guilt for causing a problem that our equally well-developed reasoning abilities tell us doesn’t exist.

      “… rather than the minimum self you are legally allowed to be.” – Take careful note of that phrase, “legally allowed to be”.  Now, ask yourself which side is more likely to put legal limits on what people are allowed to be: the side that encourages EVERYBODY to join in an empty, useless gesture of support for junk science, or the side that ridicules the herd instinct and says to do your own thing?

      “… you seek some sense of recognition and justification for your self-righteousness in the guise of mocking others.” – So, standing up to the herd and expressing one’s individual belief constitutes “self-righteousness”, eh?  Didn’t you just mock us for (allegedly) not having reasoning ability and, by extension, standing against people being all they can be?

      I’m also going to pay you the (backhanded) compliment of assuming that, if this post mocked a nazi rally or klan meeting, you would join in the mockery, or at least quietly nod in agreement.

      Some mockery is OK, then, wouldn’t you say?

      Frankly, I sometimes think that the world needs a little more mockery.  The idea that we’ve got to give respect to (almost) any idea, no matter how goofy, is pernicious and allows silly or even destructive ideas much more currency than they would get in a world with a healthy sense of the ridiculous.  It’s the idea of “A for effort” writ large.  I would wager that the only reason you (apparently) give credit to “global warming” is that lots of other people believe in it.  And THEY believe in it for exactly the same reason.  It all goes back to the first instance of somebody suggesting that man is heating the earth and not being roundly laughed at when it was clear that his evidence was tenuous at best.  Unfortunately, the herd leaders decided (for whatever reasons) that it was a good theory, and the rest of the herd went along, never bothering to question a thing about it.

      So, again, I ask you: which side is more interested in letting people be all they can be?

    • “Let’s all waste energy to show those “God damned hippies” a lesson.”

      The goal is to mock the foolishness and the sanctimony it’s wrapped in.

      A “lesson” would require a cane.

    • Yes, lets turn everything off for 1 hour to show how “concerned” we are……..and then go right back to using our cars, our lights, our computers, our TVs, various electric-powered gadgets, etc.

      Yeah, that did the trick.

      You don’t want a “reasonable solution” to this (fake, trumped up) problem, you children want a f**king magic trick that will allow you to have all of your luxuries and gadgets and gizmos and lights and refrigerated food that you don’t have to grow yourself thanks to the miracle of importing and trucking guilt free.

      Well it doesn’t work that way. EVERYTHING carries a cost.  Grow up and take some responsibility. You’re so worried, don’t contribute to the problem. Get a shack w/ solar panels,  grow your own food, don’t take part in anything that benefits from gasoline/electricity in any way.

      Then I’ll respect you.

    • Uh, I could be wrong, but I belive the energy was ‘wasted’ because the current was THERE whetther or not anyone turned off their lights.    So, the turbines were a turning, and for the coal plants the furnaces they were burnin.

      You see, the power generation system has a base load they cover regardless of whether or not we turn the lights on.  That’s why when you go to the fridge to get the wine and cheese the little light inside the fridge turns on as soon as you open the door, even during earth hour.

      So, while you might have reduced DEMAND for the power, you didn’t save a whole hell of a lot.

      Have a nice day as you think about that.

      As to waste, I can presume your PC was shut down, your routers were off, your modems turned off, etc.  My my, you do like your electric power and your phone connection, don’t you.
      We, precisely, don’t want folks like YOU defining what is WASTE and what is not.  You’re making all kinds of judgements on our life styles, so, it seems turnabout is fair play.

  • I’m waiting, personally, for the earth firsters to happily inform us of the near 100% compliance with “Earth Hour” in Fargo ND.

  • I have said this for a long time, and I reiterate it here, with this story providing more proof to my hypothesis: liberalism is a disease. A mental disease. It is not based on facts, but on “feelings.” How do you feel? If you think doing something will make you “feel” good, whether or not it is good, then you are a liberal.

    For instance, “climate change” is complete and utter horsecrap. Yet somehow if you “feel” that “doing something for the environment” will “make for a better world” (as if one person, or a thousand, or even a million, can change a planet that has been around for billions of years and will be around for billions of years from now, is hokey at its worst), then you are a liberal.

    Now, you can do your part to avoid polluting, or using less electricity (better for a lower bill than anything it does for the environment), that is great. No one wants more pollution. But to say that shutting off the lights for an hour will do anything but make these idjits feel better is why liberalism is a disease, a mental disease, and it must be fought and dealt with wherever it rears its ugly head.

  • Yeah, Earth Hour is silly political theater. But since it’s not govt. mandated, why not? Sure, it’s mostly feel-good pablum as far as actually changing the world. But, hey, no one’s burning down any housing projects here. Right?


    – If you’re a single guy, it’s a great excuse to throw a party.

    – It’s also a good way to teach kids how easy they’ve got it today. (How long does it take to cook microwave popcorn with a candle, Dad?)

    Most importantly: no TV for an hour! Take that, Olbermann!

    • Why not?  Because people might mistakenly believe that I am in support of the radical anti-energy in all forms agenda of the left.

      Nancy Pelosi says no even to wind energy. These dolts are against coal, natural gas, wind, nuclear, that doesn’t leave much. When this whole house of cards falls apart in about two years there will be a lot of people looking for some payback.

  • If you can get yourself past some of the revolting, ceremonial nods to the moral vanity of New York Times readers in the first several paragraphs, this long profile of physicist Freeman Dyson is worth a read. He takes on global warming, rejecting it both for its sloppy science and its wrong-turn impact on global prosperity.

    But it’s not just his position on warming that’s interesting. It’s his approach to science and scientists. He has his blind spots, for sure (unlike the rest of us), but he is the rarest of rare birds, to say the least.

  • This year’s Earth Hour should get a terrific worldwide response since  many places  have been practicing for years, sometimes for several hours a day. Kudos to those dedicated Earth savers.

  • Here’s a team of two polar explorers and a photographer who are trudging around the Arctic for 100 days to the North Pole while taking measurements of ice thickness, supposedly for science but at least as much as for climate change publicity.

    Already their sleeping bags are soggy because they didn’t bring vapor lock barriers and one member has frostbite and has not slept for six days. Sounds to me like they should evacuate at the next resupply but they intend to push on for another 70 days or more.

    However, they did turn their lanterns out last night in honor of Earth Hour.

  • I wish I could remember why I posted this comment the other day, but I drew a parallel between the enviro – whackjobs and AlQuieda, the other day. both, apparently, are quite interested in returning us to the fourteenth century via Luddite Street.

    You’ll pardon the hell out of me, if I don’t jump on to that particular bandwagon.

  • Fine, be a grinch and keep your lights on. Just wait until the AmeriCorps ‘volunteers’ do house by house checks to ensure Earth Hour observance next year.

    • They are welcome to stop by, and say what they like.  They try to come inside, and they will not enjoy their evening…

      • Does that mean you’d subject them to videotapes of the Lawrence Welk show? Oh the horror! 😉 (Tongue was planted firmly in cheek on both posts.)

  • I happened to be in a luxury chain hotel in Amsterdam last year for Earth Day.

    They too turned off the lights for one hour. Of course, they also lit about 1,000 candles and lanterns so the guests could get around.

    I bet those candles and lanterns caused more Co2 emissions than the  normal lighting, but hey, its for a good cause, right?