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The Other Shoe Drops: Union Calls For Obama To Oust Bank CEO

I‘m sure some will find this surprising. Others will say, “yeah, baby!” It certainly is the logical extension of what happened to GM’s CEO. I, for one, still find it to be very disturbing:

On the heels of the resignation of General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner, the Service Employees International Union is urging President Barack Obama to oust Bank of America CEO Ken Lewis.

“It defies logic, common-sense, and responsible governance to punish the auto industry while letting financial institutions off the hook,” SEIU President Andy Stern said, announcing his call for Lewis’s job Tuesday.

The same could be said for letting the union leadership off the hook.

Aren’t they responsible for declining membership? Aren’t they as much a part of the problem as the management of the auto industry? Why isn’t the SEIU calling for union heads as well?

Of course I ask that facetiously. Obviously we’re now going to hear every whiner and complainer in the world will demand the government fire their boss. Hey, the precedent has been set with one of the worst decisions I’ve seen in a while. Now we begin to see the results of such a blatantly dumb move.

Impressive, no?


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8 Responses to The Other Shoe Drops: Union Calls For Obama To Oust Bank CEO

  • Actually, I am still trying to figure out which decision was the dumber; Obama demanding Rick Wagoner’s head or Rick not telling Saint Barry to go get stuffed.

  • Leadership!  Leadership!  Hurrah!

    We just don’t understand, you see.

  • I thought that the Left, when it cultivates the social democracy pretense (i.e., firing squads are thereby unacceptable), prefer defenestration.

    So, demanding a mere resignation or an “ousting” is actually quite generous on its part. No one even has to hit the pavement. 

  • I demand that the president fire the manager of  (insert corporation name here) because (insert reason here). 

    Perhaps I should open up a hand basket business since the country is going to hell somebody should make a profit.

  • Unfortunately Obama’s firing of Wagoner has played well with a fair number of Americans. The Rasmussen Presidential Approval Index has jumped from +4 to +11.

    The week before Obama couldn’t budge his numbers with three television appearances, but slapping around CEOs and Wall St types does work, so I predict we will be seeing more of it.

    • Ah, soon though the media will remind everyone that the AIG guys WEREN’T punished by the government and the great plan to punish them was never completed.  Yes, the media will remind us all of that and outrage will grow and…



      Look!  Obama saved us by firing Wagoner!  Hurrah!   Leadership!

  • Here is the perfect example of class warfare. Well, not actually class warfare, but using class envy and common ‘boss is bad’ gripes to bang the drums of fascism.
    Thing is, the old boss is gone, and you can only use this ruse one time. When GM goes belly up, or has to reduce pay, or stop benefits, the One will be on the hook. He will try to get off by blaming Bush, Cheney & Co, but I don’t think it will work.
    The union boss, Gettelfinger, has not suffered one bit from this mess, and he [and his predecessors] was at least 1/2 the cause.
    Putting it in other words, the union wants to keep their above average pay jobs and gold-plated benefits package at the cost of the rest of us. Scruem.