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“For anyone who questions why the President has offered this plan, these pledges will be the answer.”

Obama’s army of cultists is very hard at work.

Like (I assume) most other news junkies who closely followed the election, I am still receiving emails from Obama’s political action people. Much of it is aimed at getting the recipients to participate in the “Organizing for America” politicking. It has always seemed a little creepy to me because the election is over. I mean, why the endless campaign unless the real purpose is to propagandize the voters? But I also figured that my biases made it seem worse than it really is. That is, until viewing this video:

Neo-neocon provides an excellent analysis of why this sort of White House driven organizing just seems wrong. For example, she notes the rather troublesome fact that the Obama administration intends for people to simply pledge blind support to his agenda:

Some of the most disturbing things about this video are its vagueness, its focus on Obama himself in what I can only call his cult of personality, and its use of the word “pledge” (at minute :56, note the words, under “The Pledge” and next to a check box, “I support President Obama’s bold plan….”)

The vagueness comes from the fact that whatever people are pledging to support is never described in any detail whatsoever. The petition, or pledge sheet, or loyalty oath, or whatever you want to call it, is very short. It appears that each policy area—energy, health care, education—has but a single sentence describing it.

Think about this for a moment: people are blindly pledging loyalty to policies about which they know virtually nothing except the fact that Obama is behind them, and he says it’s for our own good.

Moreover, reasonable dissent from Obama’s agenda is not possible according to the training video:

The trainer gives only one reason that “the establishment in Washington” would oppose this: opposition to change. Never mind principled opposition; there is no such thing where Obama is concerned. Never mind the cost of these policies in a recession.

Never mind; just sign on the dotted line. And is anyone else as perturbed as I am by this statement: For anyone who questions why the President has offered this plan, these pledges will be the answer.

I think that definitely qualifies as creepy, biases or not.

[HT: Bird Dog]

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27 Responses to “For anyone who questions why the President has offered this plan, these pledges will be the answer.”

  • I hope and believe that the innate fractiousness of the American people will be the undoing of this sort of creepy, pseudo-fascist rubbish.  Yes, there are always those who long to be members of the herd, from the poor fools at Jonestown to the laughable fools at a klan rally.  But I think that most Americans cherish – ferociously cherish – their individuality and are not so eager to “pledge” much of anything to anybody without somebody explaining in great detail why they ought to do so.  It seems to me that a people addicted to personalized license plates and Facebook pages might be a little harder to convert into a mindless, pledged herd than TAO and his thuggish advisors think.

    • Well said, and I hope you’re right.

    • I hope you’re right as well but I don’t think this travesty is going to be turned around by the masses. I strongly suspect that under a very thin surface Obama’s group are some of the most ruthless people on the planet. People with this political bent always are.

  • You know what would be really cool?  If the pledge collectors had some item of distinctive clothing, like members of a club.  Maybe brown shirts, and perhaps an official arm band or something.

  • I also expect Obamaco to have problems getting any serious traction with this kind of permanent campaign strategy. For starters, it doesn’t follow from the type of campaign they ran. The campaign was a spiritual one, with a heavy emphasis on displacing an implicitly immoral status quo. Once that was accomplished, Obama’s supporters considered the battle won. Telling them the battle is still on won’t sit well with lots of them. As far as they are concerned, they did their part in making him president; it’s his job to carry on from this point.

  • So … this is an April Fool’s joke, right?

  • Oh Billy,

    No. The battle hasn’t been won. This is an endless battle. ALL spiritual battles are endless battles. (Let’s remember that you had a Democrat-led Congress for the last – and spendiest – two years of the Bush administration. That status quo is still, well, status. Notably, Obama’s followers have no real interest in going after that status quo.)

    I see no reason why Obama’s followers would see the battle as won. They still face opposition. There’s still a second party full of people who don’t want what Obama’s people want. I’m sorry. But the cynic in me says that it was always about power. That lust never goes away. Once you bend someone else to your will – which is what Obama’s politics is truly about (he uses the force of government, not bargaining and persuasion, with those who disagree with him) – you get a taste for it. The hardest part about being free is getting rid of your slaves.

    • This is an endless battle. ALL spiritual battles are endless battles.

      I understand that. I just don’t think a lot of Obama’s young followers understand it.

      • I think the problem is that a lot of them signed on precisely because of the long battle (i.e. instituting universal health care, tackling global warming, funding alternative/green energy etc.).

        • There are certainly ideologues in every generation, and per Winston Churchill’s famous saw about people at 20 vs. 40, many of them are leftist. But from talking to Obama supporters, many of them simply bought into hopeychangitude, without really understanding what it meant.

          Most are for universal healthcare in the abstract, for example. But they’re not ideologues in the sense that it is a passionate issue for them, and they don’t expect to participate in a “long war” to get it.

          So from this point forward for his campaign-style tactics, I think Obama is down to his core activist base, and I believe that’s a lot smaller group that the folks swaying and chanting in what looked like religious ecstasy that we saw during the campaign.

  • This isn’t a surprise.  We all knew when Obama won the election in 2008 that campaign 2012 was in full swing almost immediately!  I get those same emails and I think it’s so wrong!

  • Yikes.  As if the Lyndon LaRouche and Greenpeace clipboard patrols weren’t enough, now I’ll have these guys to torment on my way in and out of the local grocery.

  • “It must be very strange to be President [Obama]. A man of extraordinary vision and brilliance approaching to genius, he can’t get anyone to notice. He is like a great painter or musician who is ahead of his time, and who unveils one masterpiece after another to a reception that, when not bored, is hostile.”

    • Are you really going to go with that angle, Dude08?  This quote as an equivalent to the one in the post?  By all means go for it, but don’t be surprised when your stupidity is then laid bare for all to see.  Not that such concern has stopped you in the past …

    • You forgot the sarcasm tag.  Someone might actually think you are serious.


  • In June 1943, Hitler launched the Night of the Long Knives, destroying the SA and securing a loyalty oath from the Army.

    • I don’t think TAO is going to be getting a loyalty oath from the military any time soon.

  • “June 1934”

  • Honestly, I just see a bunch of young, energetic kids accosting senior citizens in their homes to get their vital information and a loyalty pledge to the glorious leader.  The speaker looks like a young, hip film-school student/Mac-user—who wouldn’t want to be hip just like him?  Remember that it’s not fascism unless there’s swastikas or something—Obama’s ubiquitous trademark logo doesn’t count!  It just doesn’t!

    • ACORN and the New Black Panthers are not hip kids.  They are street thugs bent on altering the American political landscape through intimidation and outright criminal activity.  These pledges are data mining.  For what purpose?  Using the education system to indoctrinate youth is another NAZI/Soviet practice.

      The nationalization of banks and privately held corporations such as General Motors and AIG are not free market actions.  When Congress funded TARP, they delegated legislative power of the purse to the executive branch, a practice which is unconstitutional.

      Prohibiting religious groups from participating in federal programs, prosecuting documentary producers under McCain-Feindgold and passing hate speech laws are blatant violations of the first amendment.  Having the government attacking Rush and Joe the Plumber for daring to  speak their mind and disagree with Obama administration are abuses of power.  Bailing out newspapers crosses the line of free press.

      The assault on the second amendment is also underway under the guise of arming Mexican drug gangs.  Bowing to international pressure to act contrary to our national interest and our sovereignty do not fit with Obama’s oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution. 

      Using government induced inflation and the tax code to redistribute wealth is another Marxist technique.  Treasury just printed a trillion dollars!  Hillary is begging the Chinese to buy our T-Bills while the Obama administration has no idea how we are going to pay this money back.

      We are in uncharted waters here.  Do not dismiss these moves.

  • This is a political mass movement. While it is strange, and creepy, the last century was flush with political mass movements. This one is the same movement socialism, updated since then, that came to prominence in the 1960s under the leadership of the New Left.

    Obama’s church taught one of the most radical outcroppings of that period — the “black liberation theology” of James Cone.

    Obama was in that church, taking in that teaching, disguised as authentic religion, which it is not, for 20 years. No one wanted to pay attention to that, thinking it was just another man’s way of taking his family to church on Sunday. It was anything but that.

    The methods from the 60s were the methods of un-thought and mimetic contagion, the monkey-see, monkey-do power of mass psychology associated with mass political movements.

    Michael asks why the campaign continues after the election. Well, the campaign was a movement campaign and the movement, and the revolution, does not end, at least not until the trance is mimetic trance is broken.

  • Those who fail history are doomed to repeat it. 

    It’s true on a couple levels, but levity aside,  I’m not going along with this nonsense.   The default answer is no.  I need a reason to say yes, and it has to be better than the reason to say no.  Public education ought to be warning enough that public anything is going to be expensive and mediocre.  Whose kids don’t go to public schools?  Right….

  • Public education is functioning perfectly, Mark. It’s doing exactly what it was intended to do. The masses could never be rallied to a cause so perfectly shallow without it.

  • “The trainer gives only one reason that “the establishment in Washington” would oppose this: opposition to change.”

    I propose we herd all liberals into ‘work’ camps and beat them daily.  The only reason they would oppose this is opposition to change.

  • Organizing for America is all those vapid kids you remember in college who held some pointless student body office and considered declaring the student union a nuclear free zone the pinnacle of their achievements.