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North Korea: “Herro, UN?”

North Korea, ignoring the world as usual, launched it’s long-range missile:

North Korea fired a long-range rocket on Sunday, provoking international outrage and prompting the U.N. Security Council to call an emergency meeting.

The world as usual hopped up and down and told North Korea how angry it is:

“North Korea has ignored its international obligations, rejected unequivocal calls for restraint and further isolated itself from the community of nations,” President Obama said in Prague, urging Pyongyang to honor the U.N. resolutions and to refrain from further “provocative” actions.

It’s “obligations” obviously, pertain to obeying a unanimous UN Security Council resolution barring North Korea from firing ballistic missiles resolution passed in 2006. Of course North Korea never agreed to or had any say in the resolution. Just as obviously then, they feel no compunction whatsoever to abide by it.

And now, with the UN Security Council emergency meeting looming, what can we expect?

The 15-nation Security Council was due to hold an emergency closed-door meeting from 3 p.m. EDT but China and Russia have made clear they will use their veto power to block any resolution imposing new sanctions on Pyongyang .

For some reason, all of this reminded me of this from Team America: World Police

Kim Jong Il: Hans Brix? Oh no! Oh, herro. Great to see you again, Hans!

Hans Blix: Mr. Il, I was supposed to be allowed to inspect your palace today, but your guards won’t let me enter certain areas.

Kim Jong Il: Hans, Hans, Hans! We’ve been frew this a dozen times. I don’t have any weapons of mass destwuction, OK Hans?

Hans Blix: Then let me look around, so I can ease the UN’s collective mind. I’m sorry, but the UN must be firm with you. Let me in, or else.

Kim Jong Il: Or else what?

Hans Blix: Or else we will be very angry with you… and we will write you a letter, telling you how angry we are.


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29 Responses to North Korea: “Herro, UN?”

  • USA with Obama and libs in charge = Paper tiger.  If I were NK or any of our enemies I would be laughing my ass off and getting ready to do any damn thing I wanted to.  We sure as hell won’t do anything.

    • Except kill a few trees generating all of those “strong letters to follow”.  Maybe we can get more from the Left if we show them how bad it is for the environment for North Korea to keep ignoring all of those strong letters – that might generate some activity – or stop the strong letters.

  • The UN can do 3 things

    Write you a letter telling you they are VERY upset
    Impose sanctions
    Coordinate the use of force against you.

    The first one is stupid and ineffective, the other two are world statism.

    We need to just dissove the UN as it is now, perhaps recreate something to replace it that uses the (intellectual and diplomatic) resources of wealthy nations to help pull up emerging nations.

  • I think this is the crisis “Uncle Joe Biden” was talking about and that we can expect to see our “Man of Steel” president respond within the week. What will that response be? Can’t say for sure, but my money’s on Obama cutting the US nuclear arsenal by 50%.
    That’ll show ‘em!

    • As I recall, Sheriff Joe said that we might not like TAO’s response, but that we should support him anyway.

      • Yep. I guarantee you Obama told Biden he was going to try to make a nuclear free world, and Biden, of course, figured out that someone would “test” us on that.

        • A little troubling though, them having foreknowledge, and all…know what I mean.  

  • let’s invade! turned out great the last couple of times.

    • Hey Peter,

      When was the last time you heard a peep from Grenada or Panama? 

    • Tea and crumpets then, that’s worked out great the last 1,000 times or so.
      Maybe this time, huh?

      When was the last time you heard Saddam Hussein threatening the war to end all wars?

    • Now, now, guys: let’s not be too hard on our amigo.  After all, we can’t expect a muy ignorante peon like Senor Pedro to understand that no Saddam ruling in Baghdad and no Omar ruling in Kabul means that the last couple of invasions have worked out satisfactorio.  See, to people whose brains no trabaje correctamente, it might seem that the ongoing terrorist problems mean that we’ve failed.  Those of us who know a bit of history and, more importantly, have fully functional brains, understand that wars aren’t always tidy affairs that can be done with the troops all home by siesta time.  For example, the yankees occupied the South for ten years after the Civil War, and even after they went home (only to return later when they realized that it’s kind of nice down here), the klan and certain other odious members of Southern society continued to commit acts of low-level terrorism for almost a century.  We’re still in Germany, Italy, Japan and South Korea (the first three occupations worked out quite well, actually).

      I appreciate your efforts in trying to eduque Senor Pedro, but I think it’s a lost cause.  He’s determined to be muy ignorante and cheer against our country.  Maybe if we bought him a bus ticket home, he’d go away.

      Or maybe he knows where he’s better off, even if he does bite the hand that feeds him, the tonto desagradecido.

  • i love you guys. did you really just compare that tiny rock in the caribbean with north korea?  LOL! never mind the fact that there were not two other disasters going on concurrently.

    and i guess i blinked, we invaded libya?  that’s actually a great case study on how to disarm a kook without invading.

  • heckuva job brownie!  we’re letting blowhards with empty air dictate foreign policy are we?  again, qaddaffi was the saddam of the 80’s. we didn’t need to invade. somehow the world survived.

  • one other thing and i’m off for an extended siesta: i love the logic. with bruce’s pet peeve, global warming, it’s okay to leave it to chance if it cannot definitively be proved a threat.  conveniently, we toss that out the window elsewhere,  just the possibility of a threat, no matter how ridiculous, is enough for drastic action.

    not that any of us are completely consistent, but you guys are out there. thank god your beliefs were such a disaster that we will not see the likes of you back in power for a while.

    • Heya Peed-row, you lost your accent there vato, work a little harder on it will ya?

      The illusion was muy importante.

      You might as well start calling yourself Bob the Broker, or Vince the Publicist.

    • I generally don’t get down in the weeds with commenters, but your remarks were interesting, Pedro.  let’s examine them, shall we?

      i love the logic. with bruce’s pet peeve, global warming, it’s okay to leave it to chance if it cannot definitively be proved a threat.  conveniently, we toss that out the window elsewhere,  just the possibility of a threat, no matter how ridiculous, is enough for drastic action.

      You appear to be equating our response to a possible threat posed by global, and perhaps system-wide natural changes that might be entirely outside of human ability to control, to our response to the possible threat posed by human actors, who are always amenable to persuasion–a term that I apply quite liberally in this sense.

      That you conflate these two situations as being similar is…instructive.
      not that any of us are completely consistent, but you guys are out there. thank god your beliefs were such a disaster that we will not see the likes of you back in power for a while.
      To which beliefs, precisely, are you referring?  Would it be the belief , which we supported, that firm action in the Mideast would prevent a recurrence of 9/11?  Would it be the belief, which we opposed, that easy lending to subprime borrowers, incentivized through an easy money policy by the Fed, and through government intervention to extend lending to subprime borrowers via Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae would lead inevitably to disaster?

      Tell us, pray, which beliefs are at issue in your comment.

  • Pedro has forgotten that human beings are not determinable  like the weather.  If global warming isn’t a threat, then it’s our fault for not doing more research, but if North Korea is a threat then it’s our fault for not getting rid of a crazy madman.

    And by the way, Iraq will probably be a better place to live than the USA in the next 10 years, so yeah, I’m all for invasion.

  • I love your logic Pedro.  History is littered with tyrants, thugs, and despots who have always taken a mile when given an inch but curiously enough, there is no history – or evidence – of anything resembling  man made GW. 

    As for Libya, I wasn’t taking your comment (Let’s invade!) literally – I assumed you meant taking no military action .  I’d be perfectly happy taking out Kim Jong’s military targets from afar.

  • I’m pretty sure Seoul would like to have a say, given the number of artillery tubes pointed at it.  Sometimes there aren’t good answers.  It’s probably for the best anyway, they launched and it fizzled.

    Cut off the trade and aid like Japan did.  What’s he going to do?  Restart the nuke program that he never stopped?  Refuse to dance with Hillary?  Kidnap reporters?

  • And I don’t get it, didn’t Obama talk to the UN?  Erb and a host of others assured us that President Obambi would be able to deal with this sort of thing FAR better than that boob George W. Bush or that dolt John McCain.

    Wha happened?  Pedro?  Scott?  Tom? 
    Any ideas?  The usual obstructionist that “only obstructed because of George W. Bush’s Cowboy Diplomacy” seem to be obstructing the Annointed Ones wishes.  Don’t they understand what happens when they do that?  Since he has no power over them, he’ll get very angry, and he’ll, well, he’ll probably be very polite because his ususal arrogant “I won” reminder doesn’t mean diddly to Russia or China.

    But you boys have some splainin to do, THIS was not supposed to happen with the Messiah at the helm, and not a damned Republican in sight you can blame it on.  What WILL you do? 


    • looker,

      You underestimate our resident libs and lefties in general: they can pin ANYTHING on Republicans; it’s a result of being mentally unbalanced.  Check out some of the MiniTru columns and especially the bile from Kos about the recent shooting rampages if you don’t believe me.  Anyway, Erb has managed to blame the current economic problems on Ronald Reagan, a man who has not only been out of office for twenty years but also has been in his grave for five.  You don’t think a person with a mind that… um… how to put it?… agile… can’t figure out a way to blame Bush for TAO’s troubles with the norkies????

      • Well…in all honesty it was rhetorical – I already KNOW it’s Bush’s fault.  Everything is Bush’s fault, the fall of Rome was Bush’s fault, and every budget problem we have now and for at least the next 8 years will be Bush’s fault, along with every foreign relations blunder, faux pas and foulup.    Hell, Global Warming is Bush’s fault, the Titanic was Bush’s fault, the earthquake in Italy the other day, and our cheapass $50,000 aid donation, all Bush’s fault.  Never in the course of human events have so many been able to blame so much on one man.  Even Hitler didn’t do as much destruction as George W. Bush.

        Obama is to blame for nothing, he is only to be credited with successful things, and damn, doesn’t he sound eloquent and look presidential?  And “he won!”.  Plus he’s very popular in the polls.  So, it’s all good.  People like us, we’re being brushed aside for the new order.