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Toy Design Fail

I‘m not precisely sure what was going through the designer’s mind here.  But, whatever it was…it was wrong.

Epic Fail

Epic Fail

I’m reminded a bit of the dark, alternate-universe, Spiderman comic from 2007, Spiderman: Reign, in which it is revealed that Peter Parker killed MJ, his wife, through the release of radioactive…uh…reproductive cells.  That’s kind of odd and probably not particularly suitable for children reading comic books.  But, wait, it gets better!

Peter Parker addresses the body of his dead wife with this tortured monologue:

Oh God, I’m sorry! The doctors didn’t understand how it happened! How you had been poisoned by radioactivity! How your body slowly became riddled with cancer! I did. I was… I am filled with radioactive blood. And not just blood. Every fluid. Touching me… loving meLoving me killed you!

Perhaps the writers might have slipped by with a PG-13 rating if they had stopped there.  But, unfortunately, Parker adds:

Like a spider, crawling up inside your body and laying a thousand eggs of cancer… I killed you.

Now, that’s just creepy.

(H/T: Samizdata)

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7 Responses to Toy Design Fail

  • What?  He looks quite friendly and receptive.  Like he has that openness that will help you drift off to sleep at night, even if you shaft him or give him a real hard time, and yet he’ll still be ready to devour the first thing that pops up in the morning.  Like you could really get something straight between the two of you.  In short, like a superfriend.

  • I suspect this is a blow up doll that some company has converted to Superman use for sale to kids….the idea is “hey we have the tooling for the sex doll, how about we make a kids version and sell that too!”

  • I am pretty sure that the mouth was photoshopped onto the actual packaging.

  • Hey, stop spoiling it for everyone!  Instead of debunking, you all should be participating in the fun.  Such as:

    That’s a super “O” face!


    You know when you feel like you’re just gonna explode? Like you need some sort of release to help you get it all out of your system? Or maybe you just want to forcefully (and repeatedly) get your point across?    Well, here’s the toy for you!

    Carry on …

  • Actually, I think it’s a cheap knock-off of the actual toy.