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Bowing, Boasting And Bloviating

I‘ve pretty much avoided mention of the bowing incident – it’s a distraction from the more serious things going on. But then the White House says we shouldn’t believe what we saw and throws out a couple of the most ridiculous reasons for what the President did that I’ve heard (an “unnamed” White House source claims it was either an adjustment for a short king or he lost a contact – take your pick). My question? Why is the White House bringing this back up? It makes no sense.

Then there’s Joe Biden’s claim of lecturing George Bush. When will this guy figure out that such claims can be checked? There’s not a moment of a president’s tenure that isn’t recorded by someone. Yet Biden seems to think, for he can make stuff up to retroactively bolster his arguments and make himself seem both wise and prescient.

He’s neither. He’s a blowhard who’s rise to the position he’s in was based mostly on his perceived ability to cover a glaring weakness in foreign policy experience from which Barack Obama suffered. But he was not a guy who anyone in the previous administration sought out for advice or council on much of anything.

However both of these incidents are troubling. The first indicates an innate defensiveness within the White House. This is something that should have simply been ignored. It would bang around on the right side of the political sphere for a while and then fade. But to claim something which you can clearly see for yourself is not what you see is foolish. It erodes credibility. “Don’t believe your lying eyes, believe what we say”.

As for Biden, as Karl Rove said, he’s a serial exaggerator – which is a nice way of saying he’s telling a whopper. Biden has a tendency to make up anecdotes which make him sound good and the other guy look bad. It’s sort of like when you have a “I wish I’d have said that” moment. You didn’t say it, but had you said it, it would have been perfect for the moment. Biden tries to make those moments real and claim them for himself. Again, it’s a credibility problem. You can’t believe a thing the man says.

For such a media savvy bunch you’d think the White House would know to leave a story such as the bowing incident alone. And you’d think, by now, that Joe Biden would have realized that what he could skate by on as a Senator won’t be overlooked now that he’s the VP – that and the fact that he should know his claim of lecturing a president is fairly easily checked.

Amateur hour.


13 Responses to Bowing, Boasting And Bloviating

  • Can we start calling him Vice President Costanza now? Because it looks like he’s just had a “jerk store” moment.

  • The “bowing” incident is one of many diplomatic gaffes that I think should mean the removal of whoever the dunce is who is running the White House Propocol office and replaceing that person with someone who has a clue.  Remember there was some discussion of the Obamas and their introduction to the Queen and Obama’s bow may have just been an overreation to that minor situation.  But all of that falls in the realm of the Protocol office and if the Obamas are not being served properly by that office then they should fix it.  The administration is all for admitting to our country’s past mistakes but is averse to admitting their own gaffes.

    As for Joe Biden – Vice President and Plaigerizer In Chief – I can only say one thing – He continues to make Dan Quayle look brilliant.  ‘Nuff said!

  • For those Obama supporters who say a bow is no big deal I have a few simple questions.

    a.  If it is no big deal then why is the Obama administration lying about it?

    b.  Why did Obama ONLY bow to the King of Saudi Arabia?

    c.  What other world leaders bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia?

    • It was a HUGE deal when Bush held the King’s hand….but I don’t expect internal consistency from that side of the aisle.

  • It is most certainly not a “distraction,” no more than a missile fired over Japan by the North Koreans would be a distraction. When the flag goes up and we stand there and salute it, that is an immediate and symbolic gesture of our fidelity with America.

    When the President of the United States, against all traditions of American protocol, bows before the Prince of political Islam that is a symbol that resonates around the world.

    That makes it far more an aspect of the main event than a distraction. Its meaning is not yet clear, but it fits into a pattern of behavior that suggests again that the President has contempt for both the Presidency and the United States. So don’t be distracted from that.

  • I expect it’s actually a symbol of 1 of 2 things –
    1)  That his protocol staff is a collection of BOOBS
    2) That his hubris is high enough that he either doesn’t listen to them, or doesn’t ask them  in the first 

    Either way it’s ON him.  If they’re idiots, he should have replaced them after, assuming he forgave the first faux pas they advised him on, the 2nd one.

    If it’s him, well kids, not much the protocol staff can do, other than be the whipping boys.

    I think he’s arrogant and doesn’t think he needs the briefings (or maybe during the briefings, he’s voting “Present”).  He can’t possibly have replaced ALL the protocol staff with his own bozos, and I suspect they’re good old government employees, not all hack appointees.

    • I wouldn’t take a whole lot of comfort in the notions that this is the result of incompetence or hubris or the fault of political hacks. Those are normal, high-probability lenses, and they suggest all-too-human mistakes, with slobs at the controls.

      I would suggest the low-probability lens of actual malice.

  • Symbolism is important. It has an impact and people react to it, rational or not. Before baseball games they always sing that silly song. There are laws about how we are supposed to treat a piece of cloth, and people get very upset when they are not followed. A few years ago a guy named Andres Serrano got a lot of attention for putting a symbol in a jar of urine.

    People react strongly to symbols, which means that although they may have no intrinsic value or importance they acquire importance and value because people think they have it. Like fiat money; it has value because people think it has value.

  • Give Biden a break, he has brain damage from his aneurysms in 1988. He has the classic signs (disinhibition, loss of full contact with reality, etc.) of the typical brain injury patient. He is smart, so socially he can seem ‘normal’ and can probably even pass an IQ test, but the more stress he is under, the more likely these behaviors will pop out.

    • And he is just, as the saying goes, just a heartbeat away from the Presidency.

  • I know nothing about protocol or any of that nonsense.  However, I do know Americans don’t bow to anyone and you don’t dip our flag to any other flag.  Period.  That bow might be seen as a minor problem by the democrats, but I think it will unforeseen consequences within the muslim world, none of them good.

  • Martin’s right. After all, Obama was RAISED in Islamic culture, so he knows what bowing signifies, especially bowing to an ex-African slavemaster. TAO could have been legally owned as a slave during his lifetime by a Saudi royal.