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Enabling Theft Should Be Punished, Not Encouraged

This is, at least to me, an example of the entitlement mentality which has been fostered in this country:

When the woman who calls herself Queen Omega moved into a three-bedroom house here last December, she introduced herself to the neighbors, signed contracts for electricity and water and ordered an Internet connection.

What she did not tell anyone was that she had no legal right to be in the home.

Ms. Omega, 48, is one of the beneficiaries of the foreclosure crisis. Through a small advocacy group of local volunteers called Take Back the Land, she moved from a friend’s couch into a newly empty house that sold just a few years ago for more than $400,000.

Michael Stoops, executive director of the National Coalition for the Homeless, said about a dozen advocacy groups around the country were actively moving homeless people into vacant homes — some working in secret, others, like Take Back the Land, operating openly.

The entitlement mentality is further enabled by morally misguided groups that confuse legitimate civil rights concerns with outright theft:

In addition to squatting, some advocacy groups have organized civil disobedience actions in which borrowers or renters refuse to leave homes after foreclosure.

I have some empathy for those who find themselves in a situation where they are forced from their homes because they can’t afford to pay what they agreed to pay (and I’m especially sympathetic to those who have children). But I cannot condone activities which assume a “right” to something they don’t own. And I certainly don’t define actions to secure what isn’t rightfully theirs as “civil disobedience”.

It’s theft. Property rights are a fundamental building block of a free society. Allow the subversion of those rights and the society won’t be free for long.

And groups and “community organizers” that encourage such subversion or enable the thieves are accessories to theft and should be treated as such.

Instead, they’ll most likely receive federal “stimulus” money.


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13 Responses to Enabling Theft Should Be Punished, Not Encouraged

  • Something has gone very wrong with this country. It has been going wrong for a long time; somehow, however, I feel that in the last year or so things are now just out of hand.

    And now we have a complete imbecile running this country, to whom some bow, and he bows to others.

    As Anthony Newley sang, “Stop the World, I want to get off.

  • Do these people not know what an apartment is? I actualyl had a hard time finding a place around where i am because most were rent controlled and i made to much money…. which isnt much sadly.

  • rent (rent) n.  >  a stated payment at fixed intervals for the use of  a house, land, etc.    (Websters)

    The federal government (the left side of the aisle)  has decimated our economy for want of a dictionary.  

  • Slightly off-topic, I just got an email from an old acquaintance who’s thoroughly excited that her company can receive stimulus money to teach computer skills to homeless people.

  • They are the one’s we’ve been waiting for!

  • Helpful hint: When you meet a “neighbor” who calls herself “Queen Omega”, chances are she probably doesn’t really belong there.

  • Some years ago the UK had a terrible squatter problem. Landlords were terrified because it was almost impossible to evict the squatters once they got settled in, and it didn’t take long for them to do it.  Thinking of taking a week off and going to Spain or the lake country? Better make sure you have someone you trust living there while you are gone, else you may be homeless when you returned, all tanned and rested. I think the UK has modified a few of its laws to mitigate the problem, but there are still organizations of, by, and forsquatters there. 

  • Hey, if the homeless can somehow stump up a hundred bucks, there is no problem housing them in Detroit

  • The mainstream media wouldn’t do it. So we are trying to get your important messages to the American people. This post is a suggested read at, 2

  • “Trespassers will be shot.  Survivors will be shot again.”

    Unfortunately, that simple solution, like with so many other righteous actions today, leads to the true victims becoming the “accused.”

  • Dear Leader is busy, he will resolve this later.  But the media has informed us of his nice dog.

  • These theives should be sent to prison and not coddled by a bunch of whinny bleedingheart do gooders