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“Tone Deaf” Obama And Leadership

How does one pound on CEOs and their perks when the same person (who has just run up record deficits and signed a 410 billion pork bill) indulges himself in this sort of waste of the taxpayer’s money?

When you’re the president of the United States, only the best pizza will do – even if that means flying a chef 860 miles.

Chris Sommers, 33, jetted into Washington from St Louis, Missouri, on Thursday with a suitcase of dough, cheese and pans to to prepare food for the Obamas and their staff.

He had apparently been handpicked after the President had tasted his pizzas on the campaign trail last autumn.

I assume Fightin’ Joe Biden will be calling him out on this. And Al Gore will be lamenting the pizza with the huge carbon foot print.

This is what I mean when I smack this guy around for lack of leadership. This is a classic case study of how not to lead. He still doesn’t seem to realize that a real leader leads by example, not by decree.


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26 Responses to “Tone Deaf” Obama And Leadership

  • From what I read the Pizza guy went to DC on his own dime.  How much he will get in comps etc I dont know.
    At the same time President Reduce Global Warming Obama should be trying to set an example and not the examples that Al Gore sets with his 20k square foot house and taking a SUV for a 200 foot drive down the street instead of walking.

    • And that effects the carbon footprint in what way? Don’t forget, this is the guy telling you “we can’t live like we did before” while he lives like we did before.

      Are those the actions you’d consider the sign of a good leader?

      • I dunno how YOU lived before, but I have yet to live so well…

      • Also from what I’ve read, the guy was heading to D.C. on other business to begin with.

        So some guy who’s going to D.C. anyway, wants to bring along some dough and make the President a pizza.

        Wow,… scandal of the century, no doubt.

        I feel a nap coming on.


        • Show me the business he was already planning on doing in Washington DC.  Because all the pizza restaurant owners I know always fly to DC for “other business.” And then bring pizza ingredients along (because you can’t buy them in town?) 

          Seriously, until I see some actual business this guy was doing in DC, then he was simply doing a PR stunt as being the pizza for  the President – which is very smart business of course.

          Finally, why didn’t he drive his Prius instead? Can’t be much farther than Detroit to DC.

        • Pizza chef’s go to Washington DC on business?

          Doing what?, asking for a bailout for pizza dough?


  • Well if Obama or his staff had turned down the visit than the guy may not have come to DC.  After all he brought 3 gallons of sauce and 20 pounds of dough.  It didnt mention that he would have come had he not been invited to the White House.

    Cant the administration get pizza from a DC Dominoes or something?

  • Will this pizza feature Waygu beef topping?

  • I love pizza too, but c’mon Barack, get a grip. Next we will get gold, frankincense , and myrrh, as devoted subjects from the four corners of his vast realm bring their gifts to the emperor.

    Then again, I don’t think the fabled Camelot-on-the-Potomac was much differentin that respect, with with fawning admirers tripping over themselves to serve.

  • Next year the new White House visitor’s protocol will require visitors to bow to the President, out of ‘politeness’ of course.

  • I go back to the following dictum when I hear stories like this: how would the Left, and the media, react if George W. Bush had done something like this?

    Keith Dimbulbermann on The Comedy Network, MSDNC, would have one of his “Special Comments,” in which he would say, “Mr. President, in the midst of an economic crisis hitting every American family, you would go and do something like this? Shame on you, sir. Shame on you.”

    But when it comes to The Clown™, the Left condones and even smiles on their personal crook playing games like this. “Because he is the President,” goes the Left.

    I eagerly await their reaction when a Republican is back in the White House and does something along these lines. I will say to them, “Because he is the President.” And watch the reaction of hate and disgust I will get.

  • I’m glad we finally have a president who thinks like Scott Erb does.

    • P.S.:  Huh, I wonder why our own very non-Left-leaning mainstream domestic media didn’t pick up this story?  I’m shocked!  The Leftists are always telling us the media isn’t biased, so it can’t be that!

    • Thanks, Titus, now I’ll have nightmares for weeks.

  • Obama is obviously distracted due to the pizza. 

    I mean everything else distracts him.

  • Little Green Footballs doesn’t think there’s much to this.  

    But even if Charles is right, it may not matter. I remember hearing for years about Bush’s infamous, non-existent plastic turkey.

    • Heh, LGF linked to the exact same thing that I did.  Scary.

      The hilarious bit here is McQ’s “tone deaf” thingie.  LOL.
      Seems to me that this “tone” McQ mentions, is the ever irrelevant, distant, almost inaudible shrieking from the right wing blogosphere.  How could the president ever afford ignoring this “tone”? 

      It’s a funny thing when its not the Republicans astounding lack of leadership that draws the attention, but the dinner menu afforded to the POTUS that gets the ire.

      BTW, my nap…  Babies don’t sleep that good.


      • And as usual, the beer has effected the thinking process, eh Pogue? I do love it when you show up on Saturday nights full of yourself and the bubbly and try to at least appear like you read the post. But, as usual, you completely miss the point and are reduced to the most trivial of comebacks – tu quoque.

        It isn’t about his dinner selection. Tell you what, just read the title, if nothing else, and maybe you’ll catch a glimmer.

        No, on second thought, here’s a better idea – just sleep it off.


        • Whatever.
          You wrote, “…indulges himself in this sort of waste of the taxpayer’s money?”  And according to the manager of the pizza joint, the Obama’s are picking up the tab, not the taxpayer.  So you’re wrong right from the start.
          And I don’t expect to see a correction, or update, or anything like that.  Why should facts get in the way of your screed?

          Also, this isn’t comparable to the CEO”s perks that Obama has been pounding on.  This isn’t a million dollar bonus, this isn’t a golden toilet, or ten thousand dollar ice sculpture.  This is a guy, who’s going to D.C. anyway, who’s making a few pizzas with Obama’s own money to buy flour, tomato sauce, pepperoni, and I assume a mushroom or two.
          This is what amounts to your weak, flaccid scandal.

          And if you think this is some kind of “tone” that Obama is deaf to, then it’s obvious that your the one hearing noises that arent’ there.
          No one cares about the Obama’s buying a pizza.


  • If this is the best you can do to criticize Obama’s leadership, he must be doing a great job.    I mean, I think most Americans think ‘yeah, if I were Prez, I’d want to get the best pizza I could, that’s cool…’ 

    • If, after reading all the criticisms of Obama on this blog, you think this is the sharpest criticism, then you are an even bigger fool than any of us could possibly have imagined.

    • Previous Erb: overconsumption, overconsumption, overcomsumption…

      Obama lovin’Erb: mmmmmmm, overconsumption, that’s cool!

    • Erb = FOS

      HYPOCRISY makes you look like an absolute fool, charlatan, sycophant.

  • This is not a joky criticism, mainly because of their rhetoric about Global Warming. If they can’t worry about such things, why should I?

  • As I see at, I’ll believe it’s a crisis, when the people who claim it’s a crisis, act like it IS one!  In regards to AGCC.

    Pogue and other apologists…”We can’t eat what we want, drive our SUV’s and keep our houses at 72 degrees”-UNLESS we’re POTUS of Hope n’ Change  right?  I mean if the CEO of AIG had a guy fly from St Louis and make pizza for HIS staff all would be OK, RIGHT?

    And Erb, really if you were POTUS you’d want the best pizza, even when you talk about “sacrifices” and “global warming” and “Cap and Trade”?

    Hey how about trying a vidoe conference and FEDEX/UPS a heck of alot  smaller carbon foot print don’t you think?