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Believing Makes It So?

What an absurd poll:

A new poll indicates Americans don’t agree with former Vice President Dick Cheney’s recent assertion that President Barack Obama’s actions have increased the chances of a terrorist attack against the United States.

This qualifies as “news”?

“A new poll indicates Americans don’t agree with Joe Blow that Obama’s actions against the Somali pirates increases the risk of attacks on American shipping”.

If you saw that, you’d think, “so, what do those who don’t agree actually know about the situation with the pirates off of Somalia?”

And you’d answer, “not much, so of what importance is their uninformed opinion and why is it being treated as news?”

Good question.

That goes for this poll as well – the fact that those being polled are ignorant as to whether “Dick Cheney’s recent assertion” is true or not isn’t important.

Apparently what is important is what they believe to be true.


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4 Responses to Believing Makes It So?

  • Once you buy the that the consensus of “scientists” trumps actual science on Global Warming, you can buy that a critical mass of uninformed opinion equals useful data.

  • Now, these “polls” were obviously missed by the dweebs and dimwits in the MSM:

    “A recent poll shows that the clap is more popular that Vice President Joe Biden. Another part of the poll shows that Biden’s hair plugs are the worst in Washington.”

    “A recent poll shows that 70% of the American people believe that President Obama is spending them into a debt none of them or their children will ever pay off.”

    “A recent poll shows that Americans disagee with President Obama that the US should be more like Europe, or that the US has been `arrogant’ towards Europe.”

    A recent polls shows that 80% of people surveyed believe that Barack Obama bowed before King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. A further 12% think that the move was done out of respect for the King, while 3% believe that The President was picking up “some loose change” on the ground, and 2% say that “maybe the President dropped his hot dog and wanted to pick it up before someone stepped on it.”

  • Queue Scott Erb and Nancy Pelosi vs. Catholic Church dogma regarding abortion.

    Same thing.
    We don’t get it because it’s a progressive poll and we’re neanderthals.

  • Uh, polls like this are common in the news.  It shows the state of public opinion.  It shows here that Cheney’s comments aren’t believed by most people.  That’s the kind of news polls show.  For those interested in public opinion and the public mood, that’s news.   It’s interesting, just like a poll in mid-2003 that might have shown that 80% think the invasion of Iraq was the right thing to do.