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Escondido Tea Party

I dropped by the Escondido Tea Party this afternoon.  I got there about 15 minutes before the official kickoff, and there were about 100 people there already.  I had to leave at 6:30 to do a telecon with a client, but before I left, there were probably 300-400 people there, which is really more than I expected for a little town like this.

KUSI was there, as were a couple of other media outfits.  However, they got there before the 5pm kickoff, and they had cleared the scene before 5:30.  That means they missed the vast majority of the crowd.

My photo gallery of the event, all taken via cell phone, is below the fold.

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  • Here are some other interesting photos from other tea parties around the country.

    Some of these guys are class acts.

    • Yeah, real class act, the juvenile that put that blog together.

      Ought to be slapped silly.

    • what? no tea bagging jokes?  snort 🙂

    • Anyway, Zombie did this exposition schtick first.

      (Pogue, note your friends giving Marines the nazi salute)

      and many others

      So lets not start calling the pot black, shall we.

      • So lets not start calling the pot black, shall we.

        You know what?  I agree with you on that.  They (the ones comparing Obama to Hitler)  are no better than the other.
        Good for you, capt.


        • Yeah you are right.  

          Calling a sitting president hilter is so left wing.  Or a fascist by a network news station. or …

          Yeah that sort of thing is more your side’s rabid foaming moth sort of style and really beneath what the right should be doing.

          I laugh at your outrage over some guy calling Obama hitler.  Where were you for the last 8 years.  snort

          • I laugh at your outrage over some guy calling Obama hitler.

            Outrage?  What outrage?  I insinuated they had no class.  If anyone is foaming at the mouth here, it’s you.

            Where were you for the last 8 years.  snort

            Well, among other places, right here.  Reading you and others mocking some on the Left for comparing Bush to Hitler.  Now that some on the right are comparing Obama to Hitler, where will you be?

        • Uh huh, and of course we KNOW those photos were tea party protestors and not, uh, people who might go to the tea party from an opposing side hoping to make the tea party protest look like a collection of fringe wackos.

          Good show.

          • Really!?!  That’s what you’re going with?  They’re just plants from the Left?  Really!?

            C’mon, looker.  You’re better than that.


          • Could be Pogue, I realize and admit there certainly were HOME GROWN loonies at the tax protests, that’s inevitable.  I fondly recall the billboards from the 90’s between Dallas and Austin warning us of the imminent UN takeover of Texas under Bill Clinton, so I certainly know they DO exist (and, obviously, have money!)

            I’d wager though, based on some of the  signs in the pictures from the site you linked, I’d really have to say  some of them WERE imported.

  • I attended the Tea Party in Rancho Penasquitos.  I estimate about 300-400 there also.  Lots of signs, flags, and supporters honking.  A very well behaved crowd of all ages.

  • I heard there were as many as 10K protesters yesterday.  At this rate, Obama can just kiss the right-wing extremist vote goodbye!

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