Free Markets, Free People

Town Lifts Karaoke Ban

The over-reaching isn’t only confined to the federal government. My latest Examiner column.


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6 Responses to Town Lifts Karaoke Ban

  • They can have my karaoke mic when they pry it from my cold, dead, alcohol soaked fingers.

  • As someone who sings karaoke almost every week, and has heard some truly gawd-awful singers, I don’t really blame the town for banning it.  Given a choice between karaoke and strippers, I’d take the latter any day of the week.

    • Agreed!

      AAMOF, I think there should be a Federal ban on Karaoke, or karaoke singers should have to be licensed and bonded!

      • A good friend of mine says, “In a properly constituted physiology under the influence of alcohol, unconsciousness should come before karaoke.”

  • I like karaoke. It is a great excuse to have another drink.

  • “…Lilburn Business Association fought the law from its inception.”

    Aha!  It’s a conspiracy of evil capitalists against the glorious leaders and their divine interpretation of the will of the people.