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Axelrod – Clueless

The more I hear from this crowd the more I come to believe they live in cloud cuckoo land:

Top White House adviser David Axelrod on Monday said that President Obama’s trips to Europe, Turkey and Latin America in the last three weeks have made anti-American sentiment uncool and “created a new receptivity” to U.S. interests.

“What’s happened is anti-Americanism isn’t cool anymore,” Mr. Axelrod said, speaking to an audience of a few hundred at a conference in Washington sponsored by the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism.

“This president has not only engaged the leaders of the world, he’s engaged the people of the world,” Mr. Axelrod said, arguing that Mr. Obama’s approach to foreign policy has restored “a sense of humility” that “was missing” in the past.

So that’s what was missing. And it has paid such dividends so far – Europe rejected the two big Obama goals of his tour (increased governmental stimulus spending and increases in European combat troops to Afghanistan), but they feel much better about the fact that he “listened” while they said no. Heh … why engage in anti-Americanism when “no” suffices?

Axelrod’s statement is so pathetically naive that it is difficult to comprehend it being spoken by a senior adviser in a presidential administration. Bowing to kings and fist-bumping dictators doesn’t make anyone more receptive to the US – it simply identifies an easy mark. This crew has absolutely no grasp on foreign policy at all, especially when they seem to actually believe that one quick swing around the world has eliminated anti-Americanism and restored anything but a calculated understanding by each of those leaders Obama supposedly charmed as to how far he can push the US and get away with it.


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18 Responses to Axelrod – Clueless

  • “What’s happened is anti-Americanism isn’t cool anymore,”

    “anymore” meaning starting right at this very minuet??…because I thought anti-Americanism is what the recent Latin Summit was about. Axlerod needs to get Ortega on the horn and let him know that his 50 minute anti-American bender he went on was cool but from here on, it isn’t.

  • Top White House adviser David Axelrod on Monday said that President Obama’s trips to Europe, Turkey and Latin America in the last three weeks have made anti-American sentiment uncool and “created a new receptivity” to U.S. interests.

    I guess it’s sort of like how it’s uncool to pick on mentally handicapped people; instead, one should be extra kind to them.

  • Isn’t “cool” anymore… And what, President Obama is like the captain of the varsity football team or something?

    It strains credulity that a guy like Axelrod is the “genius” behind the Obama election machine…. Every time I read something about him he comes off as a complete dip#$%. And I read this story in The Huffington Post first, so this isn’t just an evil Sun Myung Moon plot to discredit him, either. The fact that this ship of fools handily won the election goes to demonstrate the complete ineptness of the GOP.

  • We can’t really tell what the President’s total strategy is from this one junket.  That will take a little more time.  He may (or may not) have other moves to make.  Remember, he’s only been at the job THREE MONTHS.  Oppose the President if you will (I do on some stuff…other stuff, the jury is still out), but let’s not jump the gun.
    Axelrod is still an idiot though.

    • I’d have to say that we’re not judging his strategy from one junket: we’re seeing that this latest junket is just more of the same.  Whether its meeting with Iran without preconditions, tooling around Europe apologizing to anybody he can corner for five seconds, bowing the the Saudi king, or making merry with Chavez, his MO seems pretty clear and consistent:

      Blame America for everything and hope that kissing a** will get people to like us.

      Not working out too well, so far.  It never does.

      • Hmmm… I see your point.  Let’s hope that something more substantial is in the offing.  I’m still inclined to give some benefit of the doubt due to his short time in office, at least on this.   Acknowledge, though, that charity only takes you so far…
        Whatever happens, I’ll do my duty and support the man.  It’s a good thing for me that these blog comments and trackbacks are anonymous, though.

        • Please define “do my duty and support the man”.  I’m not aware of anything, either legal or traditional, in our country, that says we’ve got to support the president.  He’s not a king or god-emperor.

          Now, it’s certainly legal and traditional for some folks (they tend to to have monotonous wardrobes: lots of green or blue) to obey the president’s lawful orders.  I think that it’s right to wish the president well and show respect for the office.  But support him?  Only if I think he’s right.  And TAO hasn’t been right on much of anything so far except where he’s continued some Bush admin defense policies.  I mean, honestly: the man couldn’t even choose the right dog, fer cryin’ out loud.

          • @ Docjim

            Sorry…I thought I mentioned in another post that I am active duty, and will be for a few more years.  Can’t wait for retirement!
            I do believe it is my duty to support the CinC, at least publicly.  I’ll support my Presidents whatever my personal opinion is, though I think I have every right to voice my opinions anonymously.
            I am a Libertarian, but I’m not wed to any particular party. I really dislike the methods of both major parties, so I have nothing against any politician.  Well, that is to say that I have something against ALL of them.  Obama is just another one of the jackals.

  • On the other hand, I guess we can now rest easy that Islamists won’t be doing any more nasty terrorism on account of how un-hip that would be. It’s so early 2000s.

  • If anti-Americanism isn’t cool anymore, I guess the left will finally start liking their country again.

  • I think the only result of Obama’s jaunt across the world is it solidified in the minds of our enemies that he is an idiot that can be rolled, and scared the bejesus out of our allies.

  • This is so laughable – to judge the actions of countries that are looking out for their own best interests on the basis of whether or not something is cool to do?  Please.

    Do you suppose they’ll get all cat fighty over which leader Obama will invite to the prom or whether or not they’ll be able to hang with the other cool leaders who will be clustered around the great O like apostles at the last supper?

    Idiot doesn’t even begin to describe Axelrod.

  • There are only two possibilities:

    1. He is doing lip service, but really will stand up for American interests, especially when they aren’t entwined with Bush, where he can claim an easy out.

    If so, then the anti-Americanism could come back if he finally has to make a hard choice. (Note, attacking pirates is not a hard choice.) He may get lucky and if not much happpens, his rhetoric might calm people down.

    2. He is serious and will promote his nuclear free world, etc.  This will lead to more anti-Americanism…see Bin Ladin about equine preference.

    Bonus prediction: global disgruntlement of his handling of US financial crisis….leads to anti-American resentment…lots of blame heaped on us, etc. I mean, if I were a foreign politician, I’d love to blame us for all of my own problems. The Taiwan media claims it all America’s fault, ignoring real estate collapses in China, Spain, the Uk, Ireland, etc. Nope. Its America.

  • The rest of the world doesn’t hate us based on who is in office.  Doesn’t matter who the President is, they will still hate us.   They hate us because, up until recently, we were a success.   We were proud of our success and didn’t care who knew it.   We took the people the rest of the world didn’t want and we built the richest, most powerful nation the world has ever seen.   The leaders of these other countries have hated us from day one.  (Their own citizens probably have a different view of us, but can’t say it out loud.)

    Of course, prosperity breeds liberals, and it’s all downhill from there.

  • “I’m still inclined to give some benefit of the doubt due to his short time in office, at least on this. ” 

    ….why, “he’s ready on day one”….so the pre-hype said…..

    “It’s a good thing for me that these blog comments and trackbacks are anonymous, though.”


    • Like I said to Docjim above: still on active duty, retiring in a few.  I apologize for not making that clear.  I thought I had done so in an earlier post.
      Not sure that I can say the man is not “ready” since I am not privy to his strategy planning.  For certain, he’s made some very questionable plays. Still, I give him the same benefit of the doubt that I gave his predeccesor.  With GWB, I ended up with a mixed bag.  Juries still out on O, but I expect the same, maybe worse.