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Your 33 Cent Spending Cut – Enjoy

I know Dale has covered this, but I’ve got to add my 2 cents (and besides I wrote this last night and don’t want to waste it).

You’ve got to love this ruse.  Jack up spending in all cabinet departments by huge precentages and then, after the tea parties that he’d apparently never heard of, Obama demands his cabinet cut spending by — a hundred million dollars?

This guy who is on the back end of spending 4 trillion dollars we don’t have now says it is important to cut spending by a measly hundred mil?

Heck even he knows this is nothing more than a propaganda attempt and a poor one at that:

President Barack Obama on Monday ordered his Cabinet to find ways to slice spending by $100 million, but acknowledged it’s a “drop in the bucket” and said there’s a “confidence gap” that he needs to overcome.

That’s just freakin’ hilarious in a slick, sick political kind of way. Hey, I’ve just spent $36,000 dollars for every man, woman and child in the US and, to show my intentions are good, I’m going to cut the equivalent of … 33 cents … from that debt.

And that is supposed to mollify everyone?

Talk about an insult to anyone’s intelligence. Yet the left is out there touting this as some great and wonderful thing and sucking it up with a straw. Lord they’re easy to roll, aren’t they?


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19 Responses to Your 33 Cent Spending Cut – Enjoy

  • It reminds me of the multiple times I heard Bush critics ridiculing the $600 tax rebates as measly. Compared to the total taxes it was a small percentage, but at least it was orders of magnitude more than the $0.03 / $36,000 here. Considering all the symbolism endemic to “leftist” causes (e.g., concerts which don’t actually do anything but make people feel like they’re doing something), I’m not surprised.

  • Its like cutting a latte out of your yearly spending and then declaring victory.  (hands up like Hiro from Heros)

  • More theater, anyone?  It’ll only cost you trillions in debt!

  • Lord they’re easy to roll, aren’t they?

    No. I find them to be hypocritical hacks who will shamelessly support anything that their candidate of choice says or does.

  • To be fair, as much as it’s easy to mock political symbolism, it does work fairly well as far as winning a lot of people over.  To be frank,  it’s an area in which the right could stand to learn a lot from the success the left has had with this tactic over the years.

  • Why not, I’ve had to listen to
    Tax cuts for 95%!
    Lower taxes than under Bush!

    People will happily woof down their Happy Meal this morning without every thinking for half a second about what they’re going to do for food tomorrow morning.   
    But why be surprised, they clearly don’t get that the government has NO income of it’s own and must rely on theirs, and when it spends it MUST get the money, ultimately, from them.

  • It’s a start.  Set the tone.  Make sure people know more cuts are coming.   This can’t be done overnight, especially in the middle of a recession.  Small step.  I suspect when Obama runs for re-election in 2012 he’ll have a litany of cuts that add up to significant money.  This will be seen as having been the start.

    • I repeat – you’re a dolt.  You can’t get universal health care, green power, and cap and trade without raising revenues or taxes or prices.

      The money for all this has to come from somewhere, and even if you eliminated the entire DoD and went with the Erb nicey nicey happy unicorns will save us all surrender monkey negotiate and talk our way into slavery plan, there STILL wouldn’t be enough to spend the way we’re spending or are about to spend on those programs and reduce the budget.

      We WILL be paying more in taxes and prices, and it won’t be strictly because of a normal cost of living adjustments.  And if the green power anti-coal idiots have their way, we’ll be paying by candlelight.

      But keep talking about how wonderful it’s going to be, make sure you tell your students,  after all, by the time they figure it out they either won’t be any where near you, or won’t consider you worth enough effort to come and drag you from your home and tar and feather you for lying to them.

    • @ Scott Erb:  Repeating a post I made on another thread:

      ME:  Honey, this isn’t working. 
      OLDLADY: What’s wrong?
      ME: This house!  This debt!  Our business partners!  The budget!  Everything!
      OLDLADY: What do you mean?
      ME: The house is in ruins!  The other day, the cat was killed by crumbling rebar that fell down.
      OLDLADY:  Mittens?!!  Oh, nooooo…
      ME: Sales are WAY down!  We owe way more than we’re taking in.  And we’ve lost respect in the community.  Some other businesses are suffering, and somehow they think it’s our fault.
      OLDLADY: After we got so many of them started?  The ingrates!
      ME: Our business partners…I’m pretty sure they’re crooked.  They’ve been siphoning money to little side projects.  Normally, that’s not a big deal, but some of this stuff.  I mean, A had a parking garage built in the middle of nowhere!
      OLDLADY: A Parking Garage for Nowhere?
      ME: Exactly!  So, what should we do?
      OLDLADY: Welllll…we could hire your cousin to work on the house.  He really needs the work.  He’s so old, he works kind of slow.  And he may need to rework and rework and rework…but he is family, and it might help the house a little bit…
      ME:  OK.  What about the debt?
      OLDLADY:  Oh, we can hid that in the books for years.  When the kids get old enough, they’ll take over the company.  By that time, we’ll have found a way out already or the kids can take care of it.  They’re plenty smart!  As to the respect of the other businesses around here, if we make it LOOK good, it WILL be good.
      ME:  You’re right about that.  I can go for that.  But what about the partners?
      OLDLADY: Well, we can’t really be rid of them.  The contract we wrote with them is pretty airtight.  Maybe we can modify the agreement, make rules for better money management and better ethics?
      ME: Nah.  That’ll never work.  I guess we’ll just stick with them and hope for the best.
      OLDLADY:  Hmmm.  And the budget?
      ME: (a determined glint in the eye) By God, we’ll make real progress there!  The jet, the cars, and the seventeen TVs we planned to buy are vital.  They stay in.
      OLDLADY: Agreed.  And I have to have the six new maids, the chocolate mousse fountain, and platinum busts in the shape of my mother.
      ME: That’s fine.  I know you can’t do without that stuff. (Looking down at sheet of paper) Well, there’s only one thing left.
      OLDLADY:  Not….!
      ME: Yes!  We’ve got to tighten our belts, and now!  From now on…
      ME:  …we use the less soft toilet tissues!

      @ Scott Erb: I want to be civil, I really do.  But you are making is SOOOOO hard…
      Unless, could it be possible…you are using sarcasm and satire?  That has to be it!  Did I break the code?

    • No, a START would have been Republicans cutting out some 2 to 4 billion dollars.  But they were laughed at, because the amount was so small that no one would care.  But an amount less than 1/20th of what they wanted to cut is a “start”.

      Please tell us again how you’re not a partisan hack.

    • “I suspect when Obama runs for re-election in 2012 he’ll have a litany of cuts that add up to significant money”

      If the economy isn’t run into the ground, sure he’ll have some cuts.  It’s easy to score some cuts against the most massive increases in spending ever.  He’ll spend the first 4 years increasing spending by trillions, then in year four cut back by 500 billion.  “Wowee!” all the dolts will say, “he’s really serious about them cuts!” 

  • Erb, how about setting a tone like this?

    Put big plans on carbon and healthcare “on hold” until the financial sector is straightened out and our economy is back on track.

    p.s. He won’t have any cuts in 2012. What is he going to cut, seriously? Entitlements? His new programs? Oh, sure maybe he will claim he “halved the deficit” by running down some stimulus programs.  I am guessing he’s counting on a goose to growth by the time he’s running again, and, more importantly a compliant media.

    I don’t think either of those will happen, but he might get lucky.

    Note: Maybe in his second term, he might cut entitlements, but he will do so by means testing,extending retirement ages, etc.  not with meaningful cuts.

    This guy is about redistribution.

    The GOP should have a simple message to win back power, which should be economic growth based on actual incentives rather than borrowing, and that is it. Leave all the cultural stuff to proxies.

    Never waste a crisis, and 2010/2012 will be excellent to get back to basics economics and small government.

    Cut payroll and corporate taxes, and pay for them by eliminating bureaucracies – seriously, when unemployment hits 10% people while states are forced to increase taxes to pay the state employees, people will start looking at this stuff seriously.

    Of course, I’d always start with the IRS – bring up a flat tax, explain how the loopholes will be gone for the rich, and remind everyone that IRS folsk will be looking for work, but hey, so are lots of hionest Americans…

    Promote coal, oil, and nuclear, as solid blue collar jobs that can’t be exported. Nuclear can be pushed as green, though I suspect by that time, some of the bloom will be off that rose.

    I’d also be planning for the policies that will stunt the dems in the future…like school choice, no unions for gov’t employees, etc. But I suspect that I am already asking too much of the GOP.

    Now, if Keynes ala Obama works, then all bets are off, but I am very doubtful about the stimulus and financial rescue I have seen so far. 

    p.s. I am thinking if Romney was smart, he could be the man to do this…people are going to have had enough of lawyer politicians if things aren’t getting better.

  • How best can we spend this generous 33¢? 

    This summer, you could make a one time buy of 10.6 ounces of gasoline, enough to drive your SUV 1.4 miles or your Prius 4.5 miles.

    You could pool this savings with everyone in your neighborhood and each get one 500 mg aspirin.

    A family of four could buy a can of cat food for dinner – once. 

    Hey, let’s agree with the Erbster.  It’s a beginning!

  • There are many people whose eyes glaze over when they read about hundreds of millions, or billions, or trillions.  They think they are citizens, but they are victims.

    I’ll bet the investigations show more money was stolen from the stimulus than this will save.  Pathetic doesn’t begin to describe this lot. 

  • Even Paul Krugman is calling BS on this one.  Quoted over at InstaGlen’s today;

    Let’s say the administration finds $100 million in efficiencies every working day for the rest of the Obama administration’s first term. That’s still around $80 billion, or around 2% of one year’s federal spending.

    Wanted: Chief Executive
    Requirements: Strong arithmetic skills…

  • Besides!  We need that 100 Million trim down so we can use it as a “down payment” (Obama’s favorite spending word) on
    But oh, that’s not really MORE money, see
    “In a letter to U.S. congressional leaders, Obama said the U.S. funding “does not represent a budgetary expenditure or any increase in the deficit since it effectively represents an exchange of assets.”

    Effectively, see?

  • This is neither new nor change. Politicians have been blathering about saving money by eliminating waste, fraud, and abuse since at least the 1960’s.  I would bet even longer, but that is as far back as I can remember. I know, he is different, he really really really means it.

  • He can cut it by $100.33 per person and it won’t effect me at all ’cause I just ain’t paying for it anyway.

    I’m not in the habit of paying for stuff other people buy, nor should you.