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Couldn’t Happen To A Nicer Guy

Patterico brings us some good news about Ted Rall:

I don’t normally gloat when someone loses their job, but for this tool, I’m willing to make an exception. Especially given that his “job” consists of comparing U.S. soldiers to suicide bombers; mocking widows of terror victims; profiting from Pat Tillman’s death; assuming the voice of Iraqi soldiers talking about killing American soldiers; making leftist political hay out of the Nick Berg beheading; lying about lefty blogger vitriol; and suing a guy for making him appear to be a “rude, petty, self-absorbed writer/cartoonist” (which is what he is).

I normally don’t celebrate anyone being laid off – but in Rall’s case I’ll make an exception.

Rall will reemerge, unfortunately, but for the time being, he hasn’t the well funded platform from which to spread his crap. I personally find that to be a net positive.


5 Responses to Couldn’t Happen To A Nicer Guy

  • Sure it’s a net positive…  Until someone tells that talentless hack that he could make money off posting his crap on the internet…

  • Great, mayhap he and Erb could create a website, TOGETHER and/or they could start joint postings HERE!

    • Wow! The keen insight, brilliant analysis, depth of knowledge and wisdom of Erb coupled with the wit and comic genius of Rall. I am breathless with anticipation. Pulitzer, no, Nobel material indeed.

  • I, too, hate to wish bad to anyone, but if I hear that Ted Rall kills himself out of bitterness over being laid off, I will throw a party. In fact, I may throw one to mark the end of Ted Kennedy AND the end of Ted Rall. Two Dead Teds. Good riddance to them.

  • Maybe the Times is hiring.  I hear they have about $75 left until the end of the week.