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Obama’s First 100 Days

USA Today says the public sees Obama’s first 100 days as a “strong opening”.

But when you get in the number of the USA TODAY/Gallup Poll, it’s not quite as strong an opening as you might expect:

Now, 56% say he has done an “excellent” or “good” job as president vs. 20% who rate him as “poor” or “terrible.” An additional 23% say he has done “just OK.”

His excellent/good rating on national security is 53%. On the economy, it is 48%.

“He is seen as someone who was handed a large array of challenges and is dealing with them in a sensible way,” adviser David Axelrod says.

Those are lower numbers than I expected. And certainly very interesting numbers on the most pressing interest of the day – the economy. Those numbers also signal to me that this is now considered the “Obama economy” now, whether deserved or not.

As for national security, I’m not sure what rates the number – he’s really not done anything concerning national security except do a little talking about the subject. And, despite claims to the contrary, SEALs taking out three rag-bag pirates who botched a highjacking was not a victory on the national security front.


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8 Responses to Obama’s First 100 Days

  • Regarding the economy, Rasmussen polls says:

    “Those with [mainstream] views … are concerned [by a 67% to 22% margin that] the government will do too much [to fix the economy]…”

    “It’s the highest level of concern measured since Barack Obama was elected president.

  • Any internals from the poll?  For example, did they oversample democrats (spit) as MiniTru is wont to do?  Sorry to be so cynical, but I’ve come to be very suspicious of MiniTru polling data.

    In this particular case, it seems to me to be pretty blatant propaganda.  There is a large segment of the populace (who knew there were so many drug addicts, fools and retards in our country?) who are “strong” on TAO, but there’s also a pretty significant fraction who thinks that he’s a fool at best and an absolute menace at worst.  According to Rassmussen‘s daily presidential tracking poll, TAO has only a +5% Presidential Approval Index; of those surveyed, 36% strongly approve while 31% strongly disapprove.  The trend over the past three months shows a definite narrowing.  This is not what I’d call a country that’s “strong” on TAO.

    In the interests of honesty, I note that Rassmussen has the lowest spread; other polls shown at RCP have spreads in the middle 30s.  To a certain extent, this is due to what is being compared.  As noted, Rassumussen is comparing strong approval to strong disapproval; other polls compare merely “approve” to “disapprove”.  The other polls appear to show the same narrowing trend.

    Of other interest is this historical data from Pew (approve / disapprove / don’t know).  At the same point in their presidencies:

    TAO –  63 / 26 / 11

    Bush – 56 /26 / 17

    Clinton – 55 / 37 / 8

    Bush Classic – 58 / 16 / 26

    Reagan – 67 / 19 / 14

    Carter – 63 / 18 / 19

    I wonder, if we looked back at USA Today’s headlines from April 2001, would we see something like “Public “strong” on Bush”?

    For some reason, I doubt it.

  • I hear denying the polls worked out well last November. True story.

    • Ah, you would mean denying the polls you liked.
      I’m sure you never do that yourself.

  • This is all part of the baloney that the MSM hands us. “Obama is working on his popularity” said CNN. “The GOP just cannot deal with this President’s popularity,” said Rachel Maddog of MSDNC, the Comedy Network.

    Popularity shmopularity. The Clown™ is at 55% approval, which is just 2 points above what he got in the election. His policies are far more unpopular, some at 35% or lower.

    Of course, the MSM doesn’t tell you about those numbers. They tell us the phony “popularity” number and work from there to tell a story that is not based on reality.

  • The economic tidal wave during the changeover has been great camouflage for this administration’s ideological connivances and incompetence. Busy Americans who don’t keep a close eye on politics in D.C. will get the mainstream media’s Pravda buffet.

    But I can tell you one thing I’ve had to do already: turn Obama off, get him off, everytime he pops up on the tube. Even Bill Clinton hung on for longer than that and I was sick of him the day he was inaugurated.

    I’m proposing dumping the Tea Parties and moving straight on to a Continental Congress. All Iraq vets will be welcome, along with the rest of the active military.

  • Okay, so here we have Obama polling just about an historical average for a new incoming President.  Maybe a little higher, maybe a little less… whatever.

    But here’s where it gets sticky for Republicans.  The right track/wrong track numbers are looking up for the first time in a long time.  Also, and what should be more alarming for the Republicans, is that approval for the Republicans in congress are going down, and Dems in congress are going up. 
    FoxNews poll… (pdf)
    Approve/Disapprove of Republicans in congress:  36/52
    Approve/Disapprove of Democrats in congress:  50/40

    (the poll commissioned by DailyKos are even worse for the Republicans.  go figure.  but there’s foxnews showing not much better.)

    And some trend lines showing an ever increasing approval for a Democratic congress.

    Republicans better do something quick.  Because before you know it, it’ll be 2010 and they’ll be warming up the Diebolds.


  • Well, while I was busy with a project the past couple of months, I virtually tuned out the mainstream media. I had no idea how they were handling the Obama catastrophe. Plus, I pay as little attention to Obama himself as possible, giving him about as much time as it takes to find the remote. So, silly me, I haven’t been watching the media pitchmen at work, or the glib Obama presenting himself. I’ve only been paying attention to what he’s actually been doing.

    Then, the other night, as I was drifting off I landed for a few minutes on the replay of Hardball, with Chris Mathews humping Joe Klein of Time who was humping Mathews back over Klein’s cover story declaration that Obama’s first 100 days might be the greatest since FDR. Pravda at work. Pure, undiluted Pravda, with Mathews adding his own feces to the fire about “torture” “going to the top,” while gladly mixing Abu Ghraib with the interrogation memos for maximum effect. No regard at all for the truth, just laying it in at Emanuel Goldstein in another two minute hate.

    Obama has become pornography for the likes of Mathews and Klein over which they can masturbate each other.

    The Republicans are still lost, which is to be expected. They have no leaders, no serious spokesmen, and no serious strategy yet, and so they are not going to get the approval of the people who would ordinarily be inclined to support them from among independents.

    But as this ridiculous death wish of an administration unfolds, with mistake piled on top of ideological urine markers on top of bad faith, I expect to see a coherent counter-revolution take form that will not sit idly by, as current Republicans leaders are, and allow the Left to f**k this country up the a**.

    The Homeland Security document and the Hugo Chavez embrace, coupled with the President of the United States insulting the United States while abroad were the final straw. None of it will rationalize well with serious people, and I note Jamie Rubin attempting just that at the WSJ today, with reference to the Chavez embrace.

    Jamie Rubin says that Obama was serious when he said he would talk to foreign leaders. Fine. Then he was also serious when he made himself a “citizen of the world” in Berlin and made the play to extend his cult of personality around the globe. You couldn’t turn this into fiction, because no one would believe it.