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Selective (and Safe) Outrage

I love uninformed hypocrites like this – they provide wonderful blog-fodder:

Poland’s Krystian Zimerman, widely regarded as one of the finest pianists in the world, created a furor Sunday night in his debut at Walt Disney Concert Hall when he announced this would be his last performance in America because of the nation’s military policies overseas.

Before playing the final work on his recital, Karol Szymanowski’s “Variations on a Polish Folk Theme,” Zimerman sat silently at the piano for a moment, almost began to play, but then turned to the audience. In a quiet but angry voice that did not project well, he indicated that he could no longer play in a country whose military wants to control the whole world.

“Get your hands off of my country,” he said. He also made reference to the U.S. military detention camp in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Of course Zimerman, who is certainly old enough to have played while Poland was under the totalitarian control of the USSR apparently never said a word at the time about the country that actually had “hands” on his country and controlled it completely, but instead blithely played on.  And, of course, the primary reason he’s free to travel and insult this country is because our military stood in opposition to the USSR along the Iron Curtain for decades and faced down his real oppressor.



Delta is ready when you are, sir.


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25 Responses to Selective (and Safe) Outrage

  • I imagine Putin is also ready.

  • Gee…how can he talk that way about our Messiah and his administration! 

    He’s so eloquent and good looking, don’t you think?

  • “…and faced down his real oppressor”.

    I don’t think he was all that oppressed during the Communist years. As a talented ‘artist’  he was no doubt treated quite well by a regime that gave preferential treatment and state support to those who brought favorable attention to the country. He was allowed to travel and work (for real money) in the West when his fellow countrymen were imprisoned or worse for trying to do the same or for trying to express their own ‘artistic freedom’. He no doubt misses the old days.  

  • Because the Soviets were bad he can’t protest our behavior?  That’s silly.  He’s taking a stand on principle, and he has a point.   He will receive a lot of acclaim.  I suspect he also opposed Soviet control, and remembering that is one reason why he finds America’s imperial pretensions something that he needs to stand against.   The Cold War is  a generation ago, it’s history.   It also saw the US hypocritically support brutal dictators, arm militias in parts of the world where the weapons now create on going strife, and get involved in pointless wars like Vietnam where over a million died for no good reason.  We’re dealing with a very different world now, and given the debacle in Iraq and the financial meltdown, I think the US is going to be forced to make some serious changes in how it perceives its role in the world.    It’s about time!  I’m actually optimistic that we’re finally on the right track.

    • Erb is trolling again. No one saw that coming.

    • “America’s imperial pretensions something that he needs to stand against.”

      Did you miss Scott, he’s leaving NOW.
      You get the distinction between now and say, 8 months ago right?  You do understand what happened in November on election day, and in January at the inauguration, right?

      So, which imperial pretensions is he protesting.  At a minimum, if we assume your ‘optimism’ is warranted he’s closing the barn door after the evil Bushitler horse has left.

      Today, NOW, it’s your new happy happy administration Scott, he’s leaving now, he’s protesting NOW. 

      QED –  he’s protesting Obama’s reign.
      Once again, you and clearly he, have the sense of timing that’s in sync with the President and the royal fly by “photo op” “drill” in New York yesterday.


    • “I suspect he also opposed Soviet control” – LOL.

      That don’t sell too many tickets, Erb!

    • The Cold War ended? Putin of the KGB is running Russia, invading Georgia without consequences and undermining attempts to rein in Iran. China’s military is expanding like crazy, bragging about their abilities to take out US aircraft carriers with ballistic missiles. North Korea is officially a nuclear power. Now, the politicians in Washington have taken major steps towards nationalizing banks and automakers, and plan to ramrod national health care through in coming days. Environmental laws are set to cripple industry and transform everyone’s life into one of being controlled by Big Brother (your thermostat may be controlled by the utilities, you can’t use the light bulbs you prefer, you have to subsidize vehicles that few people actually want to buy). It looks to me like the bad guys won the Cold War.

      It’s about time! I’m actually optimistic that we’re finally on the right track.

      Of course you are!

    • Hey a**hat, what does Vietnam have to do with this guy? Do you just have a standard copy/paste paragraph that you use for these situations?

    • “Zimerman appears to have been upset by Barack Obama’s decision, announced this month, to maintain the Bush-era policy of installing a missile defence shield in Poland and the Czech Republic.”

      Tool.  Both of you.

  • I must add, he is a contemptible narcissistic d*ck with all the courage of those who know they are untouchable and immune to repercusions.

  • Of course, right on cue the resident apparatcik and Soviet apologist (and another contemptible narcissistic d*ck) appears.

    Hey, you may ‘suspect’ much, but as I wrote above, NOBODY got the treatment and privileges he did if they opposed the SU. One would think (unless they knew you) that a PH.D. in PS who had traveled in the SU and was married to a Soviet citizen would know that. But then, we know that you are a useful(?) idiot.

  • I support anyone who is unhappy leaving the country, more power to ya! Id rather stay, cause i like it here….for the moment.

  • One more shot;

    Interestingly, the year of Zimerman’s  birth, 1956, was an eventful year for Poland.

    Evidently American schools are not the only ones to neglect the study of history.

  • Well, he has the right to say what he thinks.  He also has the right to leave our country on the first available flight and never come back.  I wish him good luck, God speed, and don’t let the door hit you in the butt on the way out.
    I wonder, since our country is so thoroughly reprehensible and (as far as lefties are concerned) has been trying to take over the world for at least the past eight years, he bothered to come here in the first place.  Guess he had one last payment to make on his summer home in Italy or his Porsche.
    I hope, however, that nobody will judge Poland based on this clown’s big mouth and ungracious behavior.  They showed tremendous guts during the waning years of the evil empire and they’ve been good friends to us since they threw off the yoke of Soviet imperialism.  There aren’t many other countries I’d rather have on our side, and I hope that we have good relations with Poland for many years to come.

  • I’m all for Zimerman living up to his principles.  As long as he’s staying out of the US, I assume he is also boycotting Russia, the entire Middle East, most of Africa, France,  China, Pakistan…. 

    There are a lot of ingrates willing to live off the service of others.  They know they haven’t the courage to do what had to be done. 

    This is as notable and inspiring as the guy who forgot his wallet when it’s time to pay for dinner.     

  • To Mr. Zimerman:

    This is my middle finger. It stands not only for what I think about you and your ideas, but it symbolizes the totality of your IQ: one.

    Actually, I may have overestimated that last number.

    Oh, and Mr. Zimerman? Get the fugg out of my country and DON’T COME BACK.

    Yours truly,

    James Marsden (speaking for a massive majority of the American people)

  • I rented a room from a polish immigrant for almost a year. He was a great guy, and had more entrepreneurial spirit and love for the opportunities of America than anyone i have met. He wanted so badly for his son to learn English so he could come here.

  • The hypocritical dunce made a similar “threat” in 2006. Guess he needed the cash.

  • “Delta is ready when you are, sir.”

    Good Comsomol will not fly degenerate, capitalist airline.  Will fly Aeroflot instead.

  • Krystian who?

  • The Dept of Homeland Security are apparently really good at interdicting grand pianos.  Whilst they might miss the odd few tonnes of cocaine or thousands of people smugglers, arms traffickers, blood diamonds, international terrorists or coughing Mexicans the US Customs have got their sh*t together when it comes to custom made grand pianos of Polish concert virtuoso.  

    • Apparently they have some sort of glue hang-up. But that doesn’t exactly explain the outburst, does it?

      • No, it doesn’t explain the outburst but it does tell us a bit about the folks who are entrusted with keeping nasty people with nasty substances out of our country.  I know I will sleep better knowing I will not be endangered by evil grand pianos or grandmothers.