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9 Billion In “Stimulus” Bucks Creates 1,250 Jobs

My latest Examiner article. Apparently spending $7 million per job is something to brag about if you believe Ray LaHood.


3 Responses to 9 Billion In “Stimulus” Bucks Creates 1,250 Jobs

  • Dang.  I must be in the wrong line of work.

  • Look for the memes… It’s to early to judge, and Who know’s how many jobs he’s saved…

    Wonder how much of the 9 billion has actually been spent.  Actually expended, not just appropriated.  Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a website or something to track that stuff.  Oh yeah, count that as a failure on the more transparent pledge.

  • Wow. And here I thought that the “stimulus” was a waste of money. According to the mainstream media, it plainly shows just how much our Dear President cares about us, willing to spend so much to get us so many jobs.