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Newspeak Update

Remember: billions in earmarks are insignificant but, millions in bonuses are outrageous; “bi-partisan” actually means “one-party rule”; and now “bankruptcy” means “strong.” From Jake Tapper’s Twitter feed:

POTUS says bankruptcy “not a sign of weakness”…

Can’t you just see the White House Press Corps (excepting Tapper, of course) looking like the bunch of lapdogs that they are in response to that statement?



What's he talking about?  And where's Bo?  Less econo-stuff, more water dog hotness!

What's he talking about? And where's Bo? Less econo-stuff, more water dog hotness!

Bankrupt = strength? R'okay!

Bankrupt = strength? R'okay!

MORE: Tom Maguire is less than impressed with the President’s reasoning about shared sacrifice with respect to the Chrysler bankruptcy:

Uh, hello, how about the US taxpayer? Any props, exhortations, or acknowledgment of their role here? Sorry, MY role?

The Congress – yeah, they have to sacrifice an endless stream of donations from the UAW.

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18 Responses to Newspeak Update

  • Right – I learnedlast week that billions is okay to consider not much, but $100 million is a lot to Gibbs and the President.

    More of the same.

    But don’t mention it, if you do, you’re the party of “No”, and not only that YOU probably spent it in the first place!, leaving Obama to pick up the check.  Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  • War is Peace
    Freedom is Slavery
    Ignorance(Bankruptcy) is Strength

    “we’ve always been at war with Eastasia”

  • You fogeys should do something more positive than reflexively whining like a Pavlovian pup over every little thing O does.
    Like giving us a real opposition party – it’s boring being the winner when there is no competition.

    • Just trying to live up the example set by our moon-bat buddies these last 8 years. Deal with it.

    • It is like I keep saying, el rapido: the more The Clown™ does things like this, the more people he will tick off, and, in the end, the more people will vote to throw him out of office in 2012. Mark my words.

    • Hey Tommy boy, The Fox show “Lie to Me” got higher ratings than the big O’s television press conference 

      hahahahahaha, somehow I think the American people are getting it.  Good luck in the next election

  • Maybe the NYT  could ask how enchanted he is with Chrysler.

  • Obama cares about jobs and people. He is beyond the petty thought processes of the last century which just focused on money.

    • hahahaha good one, you are a funny guy

    • Yeah, “money” is just people’s life’s blood, something they sweat all their lives to earn just so the big O can wipe his arse with it.  People shouldn’t “whine” about it because he “cares” while he’s wiping his arse…

      • Sorry, I don’t have the skill (or the stomach) to emulate Ott Scerb; but this is one of the main arguments given for moving our ‘mixed economy’ away from the capitalist end of the spectrum.

  • So how many billions of taxpayer money did it take to get Chrysler to where it would have been six monthe ago if not for the bailout money?

    • They’ve had 5 months to stockpile parts and inventory.  Bankruptcy today is not the same as it was 5 months ago.   And if they did go bankrupt then and somehow managed to survive.  The cost of bankruptcy restructuring (essentially preparing after the fact) and the state of the marketplace, they would still be going to the well. 

      All the other automakers are burning through their capital or getting support from their governments.  Chrysler doesn’t have any capital thanks to Daimler bleeding them and leaving them dysfunctional.

      • “They’ve had six months to stockpile parts and inventory.”

        What a delightful way of saying they can’t sell any cars.

  • I just listen to a former Sloan Fellow and Indiana Governors’ Fellow, Danny L. McDaniel, say that this will be the first time in American history that a union will asset strip a corporation. In this case, the UAW asset stripping Chrysler. Is this true?

  • Parasite kills host, news at 11.    Could there possibly be an analogy with our economy and the Obama budget?  We will find out.

  • “They’ve had 5 months to stockpile parts and inventory.”

    I guess they could pay their suppliers cash, as it wasn’t their own money.